Pizza Hut's 20cm Hershey's Choc Chip Cookie Is A Terrible Idea

So 8700kJ is the recommended daily energy intake for an adult. Pizza Hut's new 8-inch (20.32cm) choc chip Hershey's cookie is 6292kJ. No surprise here — you don't order Pizza Hut expecting a wholesome and nutritional meal. But using the "Hershey's" brand name to advertise it? That's just bad marketing.

In Australia, we know "Hershey's" is associated with chocolate, simply because it's one of the biggest confectionery brands in the United States. But have you ever tasted Hershey's chocolate? It's awful compared to what we have locally — even the cheap stuff from the supermarket is better.

Perhaps Pizza Hut is using Australian-made chocolate in this thing (which going by Lifehacker AU's recent Taste Test, appears to be the case), but wouldn't that be a better way to advertise it, rather than slapping some US brand on it? Despite being well-known in the US, I'm sure there a plenty of people here who have never heard of it.

And those who have? Yeah, we don't associate "delicious" with the name.

[Pizza Hut]

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