Parents Become Human Jungle Gyms While Wearing This Rope Vest

It’s generally assumed that once you become a parent you’ll do anything for your kids — anything. And apparently that now includes swallowing your self-esteem and pride, strapping on this rope vest, and letting your children climb all over you like a human jungle gym.

There are some genuine benefits to the AthleTitti concept vest created by Atsushi Shiraishi, a senior at Tokyo’s Tama Art University. If your kid falls you’re already there to catch them. There’s minimal chance you’re covered in cat urine like a real jungle gym usually is. And it gives parents just as good a workout as their children are getting. All that’s missing is a giant tie that doubles as a slide and your kids will never have to leave the house again — so maybe it’s not the greatest idea after all. [Tama Art University via Spoon & Tamago]