Pancake-Making 3D Printers, And Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

Pancake-Making 3D Printers, and Everything Else You Missed Yesterday

3D-printed pancakes, all-electric SUVs, third-party Mac chargers! OK, maybe that last one isn't so exciting, but all the news and rumours you missed yesterday can be found right here on BitStream.

3D printing is getting to the point where you can almost make anything, including our food. And this — is PancakeBot. We reported on early iterations of this transformative breakfast-making machine, and now almost a year later, you can kickstart your very own. This fun little machine actually isn't that expensive (if you you become a backer), so if you want to embrace our machine overlords by first subjugating them to make your food — now is the time. [Kickstarter]

Audi is working on an all-electric SUV that will hopefully be on the road by 2018. [Auto Express]

DJI will soon become the first drone company to be worth $US1 billion, proving that there is money to be made in dem drones.

Apps and Devices

Google just fashioned up a new Chrome extension that turns all your empty tabs into works of art. Get yourself cultured. [Google Art Project]

Google Code is shutting down operations, most likely realising that there is no competing with GitHub. [Google]

Apple's ResearchKit is already a hit — 11,000 people have signed up for ResearchKit's cardiovascular study. [Bloomberg]

Wunderlist gets a major makeover and one of the best to-do apps gets even better. [The Verge]


The G4 may not be LG's only flagship device this year. Rumours say the Korean maker might have a phablet in the works, currently horribly named the "G Note." [Korea Herald]

Of course, Microsoft Bing Predictions engine is going to take a stab at the NCAA tournament, taking pretty much all the fun out of it. [PC World]

Apple may be finally opening up to the idea of battery packs and third-party chargers for its MacBooks. [9to5Mac]

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