Our First Official Look At Mr Potato Head In His Ant-Man Costume

Considered by many to be the diva of the vegetable world, over the years Mr Potato Head has had hundreds and hundreds of outfits to choose from. And recently that includes the costumes of some of the comic book world’s best heroes, including Ant-Man, who will be hitting cinemas in July.

Earlier in the year we got a look at what rendered prototypes of Mr Potato Head’s Ant-Man getup would look like, but now we’ve finally got a photo of the final toy which should be hitting store shelves sometime in July. But if you were hoping that this Mr. Potato Head toy would be able to shrink down to the size of a tater-tot while wearing this costume, you might be slightly disappointed to learn the suit is non-functional. [Hasbro via Marvellous News]