Optus Will Have Unmetered Netflix, Too

Not an iiNet customer but still want unmetered access to Netflix? Don't stress: you'll still get unmetered Netflix on another ISP. Namely, on Optus' home broadband service.

Optus confirmed to us this morning it would also support unmetered Netflix streaming:

"Optus broadband customers will also be able to access as much Netflix content as they want, without metering. Netflix Australian content won’t count towards a customer’s data cap"

The ISP added that it expected most ISPs would follow suit.

"We expect most ISPs will choose to un-meter Netflix content," a spokesperson told us.

So that's that.

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    The noteable exception likely to be Telstra. Why give unmetered Netflix when they want you on Foxtel, or at least Presto.

    But what if you are on a particular ISP but not on one of their DSLAMs? Is it still unmetered?

      Unmetered. Behind-the-scenes tech differences don't matter, it's a billing restriction not a tech restriction. If you're with a provider, you're with the provider. The only time DSLAMs will matter is when you have to go to faults.

    What are the chances of Telstra making Netflix unmetered? I can't get Optus and iinet outside network bundles suck.

      I'd say 0-1%.

      You already have unmetered foxtel play available from $25, unmetered bigpond movies rental service, you will probably get presto unmetered as well (no announcement yet though)

        Telstra is offering presto unmetered.


          Ergh that's like shopping at Aldi when I wanna shop at Coles...

      I'd say it's pretty unlikely, I mean, they don't even give us unmetered Steam downloads anymore :( (we had to increase our plan when they took that away, pretty unhappy).

    Optus have unlimited plans they are promoting heavily though so I can't really understand how significant that news is, good for people on older plans though.

    Telstra customers already have unmetered foxtel play (home broadband and bigpond mobile broadband plans only) and I expect that presto will also be unmetered at telstra.

    We have Telstra cable and no intention to swap. Our 2nd month of Netflix where we absolutely thrashed it meant we came in at about 215gb.
    Now we use 100-150.
    Hope that helps as a guide as to whether you need unmetered or not.

      +1 I only went from 150 to a 250 plan when netflix and hulu supplanted my entire content delivery. I have never gotten close to maxing out and I watch HD a lot.

    I'm all for unmetered access for in the hope it may reduce some torrenting. But isn't this the type of thing that the US has just fought against in the fight for net neutrality ?

      Pretty much, yes. Means major ISPs get to pick & choose which video services will succeed, and smaller video services who don't have an unmetered arrangement will be dead in the water.

      The solution is unmetered internet, with at most a fair-use general throttling clause during peak times. Next best thing is nice large caps for reasonable prices.

      The issue in the states was the ISP would prioritize different traffic, so they could slow down the Netflix streams to allow others to go faster, maybe they could allow Hulu over Amazon etc. Locally that might look like Telstra allowing Presto and Foxtel Go/Play at full speed but slowing Netflix streams.
      Unmetered is not the same, things should go just as fast as another traffic, it just wont eat into the monthly limit.
      If only I could get unmetered Netflix UK traffic, my weekly Better Call Saul fix will not chew up much of my allowance.

    This sounds amazing, but will it work on mobile networks? All I have access to is 3G from where I live, they haven't built infrastructure for ADSL 2+ out here.

    I looked for this information but couldn't find anything, anyone know?

      So long as your mobile network doesn't specifically block it, then sure (and if they do, you can still VPN). But beware of excessive data usage.

        I'm with Optus 3G, I'm asking if it would be unmetered?

          Almost certainly not, but it's probably worth asking.

            I agree, I'd really like to know the answer. Because if I could get phone-line based internet out here, then I'd already have a large enough cap that I wouldn't need it to be unmetered.

    Any clever dicks out there know how I could record these shows,so as to watch later on iPad when I'm out on the road in the desert? Ie not use my data

      Try signing up for an NBN satellite service. If you can work out how to make the dish 'portable' (they're no that big to start with), you're home and hosed.

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