Netflix Official Australian Pricing: This Is It

Netflix Official Australian Pricing: This Is It

Following a pricing leak last night, Netflix has this morning confirmed its Australian prices.

As it turns out, the pricing leak was spot on:

• Single-stream standard definition plan for AU $8.99
• Two-stream high-definition plan for AU $11.99
• Four-stream 4K ultra-high definition “family” plan for AU $14.99

A Reddit Australia user tinkered with their US account via a VPN last night to figure out what the prices and content would be. Following that, Netflix revealed pricing to Gizmodo this morning.

As far as content is concerned, Netflix confirmed that both season one and two of Orange Is The New Black will be on the service for Australian users, and added that all three seasons of House Of Cards will grace the local variant of Netflix. There was a concern that Netflix would have to do some heavy negotiating with Foxtel to get the rights to its flagship Originals back, but it looks like it was successful.

It had also been reported that Foxtel will have first-play rights of Orange Is The New Black season three, but Netflix has confirmed to us it will have a global release date on 12 June.

It added that there will be plenty more Original content available for Aussie users including Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bloodline, Marco Polo, a special from local comedian Jim Jefferies and more.

Netflix will offer its brand-new user interface to Australian customers when it launches tomorrow, which prioritises images and gives the whole thing a very iOS 8 streaming service feel. Check it out.

We’ll bring you more news on Australian content when the library is made official early tomorrow morning.