Netflix Official Australian Pricing: This Is It

Following a pricing leak last night, Netflix has this morning confirmed its Australian prices.

As it turns out, the pricing leak was spot on:

• Single-stream standard definition plan for AU $8.99 • Two-stream high-definition plan for AU $11.99 • Four-stream 4K ultra-high definition "family" plan for AU $14.99

A Reddit Australia user tinkered with their US account via a VPN last night to figure out what the prices and content would be. Following that, Netflix revealed pricing to Gizmodo this morning.

As far as content is concerned, Netflix confirmed that both season one and two of Orange Is The New Black will be on the service for Australian users, and added that all three seasons of House Of Cards will grace the local variant of Netflix. There was a concern that Netflix would have to do some heavy negotiating with Foxtel to get the rights to its flagship Originals back, but it looks like it was successful.

It had also been reported that Foxtel will have first-play rights of Orange Is The New Black season three, but Netflix has confirmed to us it will have a global release date on 12 June.

It added that there will be plenty more Original content available for Aussie users including Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bloodline, Marco Polo, a special from local comedian Jim Jefferies and more.

Netflix will offer its brand-new user interface to Australian customers when it launches tomorrow, which prioritises images and gives the whole thing a very iOS 8 streaming service feel. Check it out.

We'll bring you more news on Australian content when the library is made official early tomorrow morning.

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    I'd be interested in seeing how long it takes for a show to appear on Netflix, after airing on US TV.
    That will be the decider on if I jump off the ship.

      Usually a year for the season to show up. Around the time the new season airs on TV.

      That's not how Netflix works, Hulu works like that though.

        Netflix can and does work like this sometimes though depending on the region. For Netflix US, Better Call Saul won't be available until the season has finished airing in the US thanks to AMC exclusivity, BUT flick it over to Netflix UK and it's available every Tuesday almost immediately after airing in the US.

        Depending on local licensing rights and whether or not someone like Foxtel has exclusivity over a show, it's not completely unfeasible that certain shows could be available immediately.

    Still cheaper to go Netflix Brazil at ~$8 a month.

      should just move to Brazil right ?

      Using a VPN or proxy to access Brazil Netflix *just* to pay $4 less (assuming Brazil Netflix allows HD) means that either you are on an extremely low income and probably don't eat well, OR you belong the on the US TV show "Extreme Cheapskates"

      I mean that really is scraping the barrel at the very low end of stingy!

      Last edited 23/03/15 9:18 am

        I'd say he's probably using a smart DNS to watch American and UK Netflix while paying Brazilian prices. Hell, the Brazilian price difference probably pays for his smart DNS.

        What do you have against people that don't earn a decent amount of money, jjcoolaus?

          I don't have anything against them, my point is that your $4 saving is going to be eaten up in the use of a proxy or VPN or DNS cost anyway, and fluctuations in currency will also make a difference.

          Just pay the Australian price - it is not at all unreasonable and given our currency, we are one of the cheaper places in the world to get netflix.

          At least then you are also contributing a bit of GST with that.

          Last edited 24/03/15 10:22 am

        So if I offered you an apple at $2 and you could buy the exact same apple at no extra effort for $1 you would buy the $2 apple just to prove you aren't stingy?

        I would call that being a retard with your money. You should always shop around no matter what you earn.

          Seriously? You see no difference between those two situations? There is a huge difference between paying the lowest legitimate price for something and use deceit to get a lower price. When I read "jjcoolaus"'s comment, I assumed he was talking about how little money it takes for "shithead" to throw his morals away.

          That's invalid analogy.

          If I could pay $2 for a apple here in Australia but pay $1 for a apple shipped from Brazil plus 50 cents for the shipping cost, then YES of course I would buy the Australian apple to support Australian jobs and pay some Australian tax.

          You don't think netflix employ anyone in Australia? What about amazon, do you think it's Sydney data centre just runs itself? Amazon are going to be adding huge amounts of data to Amazon AWS here in Australia plus various data centres the ISPs run.

    Ok. So it will be $2 more than Stan. The price is not terrible, but it is a bit of a head scratcher. Though given that it's costing me $10.27USD (based on the exchange rate) for the HD + 2 streams plan on Netflix US, it's not that bad. Glad to see OITNB is back. But sucks that Foxtel has first run rights.

    Last edited 23/03/15 8:09 am

      I suspect right now Stan isn't seen as too much of a threat, at least not enough for Netflix to feel compelled to undercut them in the pricing model. It's a new service that hopefully does ok, but Netflix has the big name behind it which will do wonders. Also Netflix due to it being around the block, has applications present on far more devices than Stan does. Until Stan's on my Xbox it's probably a non runner in our house hold for example.

        x2 on this, Netflix already have apps for pretty much every smart device imaginable. It's just a case of the apps being published in Australian regional stores. New services that are web and iOS only just can't compete with that.

        Yes this. When I told my brother I had Stan he said he looked into it but isn't interested in it until it has an app on his xbox - and even then he will only get one service.

        Stan doesn't even support most android devices, there's a few I have the app isn't available for.

        The technology behind Stan (silverlight and antiquated DRM) will be it's own failure. Companies the size of Fairfax and Nine have more than enough money to get the best technology so they should be emulating the netflix backend, not the foxtel backend.

        The biggest issue I have with Stan, apart from the native apps, is that they add shows but not all the seasons. They added the CSI spin offs a few weeks back. But they are only season 8-9 or 12-13. What gives? Netflix has shows that are complete seasons from 1- X.

          I would like to see an official response from Stan on this.

          Another example: they made a big song and dance about having MTV's hit series 16 & Pregnant, then only put up Season 3-4. I can understand why no season 5, because it's still being shown as reruns on foxtel, so that's fair enough but no Seasons 1-2 is just inviting people to go to "other sources" for it if they haven't seen it IMO.

          Last edited 23/03/15 12:07 pm

            Australian TV Executives (and I am guessing there are a couple at Stan now) are pea-brained dinosaurs that think the viewing public are as dumb as them. They've been driving people to piracy for years.
            The fact that Netflix could be seen coming for a good long while, and it is still going to whip their scaly dinosaur arses, proves the point.
            And yes, I know dinosaurs didn't have scales.

      The advantage you get is Netflix's global weight in negotiating TV rights. They don't like geoblocking much either and have said they are gunning for global rights when picking up shows.

      Foxtel don't have first run rights. The article says it had been reported - but it'll all be available on Netflix when it launches around the world.

    Are you sure that's the brand new Netflix interface? Cause that's what the PS4 app has looked like for a long time.

      I think they're talking about the web portal.

      The screenshot looks just like the Xbox One also.

    Sold!! Aussie version for 2 screens at $12, less 25% by paying via iTunes from all the cheap prepaid deals stores offer.
    That's about $1-$2 cheaper than what I'm paying for US prices at the moment.

    Incidentally, these sit nicely around Stan's pricing too. If you only want 1 screen at a time, people will try the cheaper Netflix, then bump up to more devices.

      You can't use iTunes cards to pay for your Netflix subscription

        You can if you subscribe via Apple TV. That's how I did my US Netflix a/c.

        Last edited 23/03/15 1:51 pm

    Still no word on what Netflix will be available on? Apple TV for example?

      everything the US one os currently available on. AppleTV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, Android, Chrome, browsers, iPhone.

      There are already apps out for Playstation, Xbox, Wii U, Smart TVs, iOS, Android, Blu-Ray players. Apple TV and Fetch TV should have the app out by today or tonight.

      Edit: Fetch TV just pushed out the Netflix app. You just need to restart the box and it will show up.

      Last edited 23/03/15 12:43 pm

    I was thinking of switching to netflix. I might go with this over the US one just to give them stats and hopefully they will force the TV stations to pick up their game.

    I'll stump up the cash for the mid-tier package for a couple of months to give it a go. Will be good to then compare the libraries of Stan, Presto and Netflix.

    Pricing not terrible consider how rubbish the Aussie dollar is (hint probably going to get worse if they drop rates again).

    Great! Now all they need to do is offer a download as opposed to pure streaming option and all will be well. Seems 1.5Mb/s is the minimum, and this is only for poor quality. Not everyone has this speed.

      Not happening, this is not the service you are looking for.

      1.5Mb/s is slow as it is, so I think it's pretty unrealistic for them to cater for less than that. More realistically those customers need to wait for the NBN to arrive, whenever that may be.

      They aren't going to offer downloads unless it was on a pay per a title basis such as iTunes etc. The licensing costs would skyrocket. Besides, internet speeds are slowly but surely improving so if they haven't gone down that path yet, I can't imagine they will in the future.

        What's this NBN you speak of?

          Some golden unicorn that just commenced build in my suburb. *fist pump*

      If you don't have 1.5mbps then you need to pressure your provider to contact Telstra (or change ISPs to Telstra).

      1.5mbps is the minimum ADSL speed over a copper line.

      In actual fact, 0.5mbps is the minimum as per this help article:

      I can confirm this as in the very early days of US Netflix, I wasn't getting 1mbps over the 3G connection I was using (and add a US VPN on top of that). 0.5mbps is definitely matchable on a small screen.

      If you want to see what that's like, stream the AFL TV channel in the AFL app and put that up to your big screen TV - that is only 0.5mbps as well.

      Last edited 23/03/15 12:11 pm

      If you dont hav that speed you probs shouldnt be watching/downloading anything really.. it will take you 3 weeks to watch a season

    I'll be interested to see whether VPN users will need to create a new account -- or whether they will be able to port over their account, and keep watch history, ratings, etc.

      Someone on Whirlpool asked Netflix that question and they were told that we will be able to.

      A couple of months ago I swapped my account from Canadian to US. It's as straightforward as cancelling your account, waiting a couple of hours, clearing your browser cache, and signing back up in the new location. All your settings, list and history remain.

      EDIT: Just checked my chat transcript, when you "cancel", you don't close down until the end of your billing period. So the procedure is to cancel the account, wait for the billing cycle to end, and then re-sign up in the new location. It jut happens that I cancelled on the last day of my cycle, so I wasn't waiting long to re-sign.

      Also, looks like I won't be switching to AU netflix until around the 16th of next month. haha.

      Last edited 23/03/15 10:29 am

        Bugger looks like my history is gone then. I haven't used US netflix in over a year. Oh well it's probably better to get a fresh start anyway.

        I switch regions often, in fact sometimes a few times a night! When using a VPN/DNS its instant and you don't need to do much except change the region on the service your using then log back into you Netflix app after a few minutes!

        Well... it looks like it is just a matter of using netflix without the vpn -- AND MY ACCOUNT JUST WORKS! The iPad app showed a message about how the selection of titles would be different while I was travelling in a different country. That said, I had about 60 items in "my list", and now in australia, that is only about 10. So, the availability of titles must be VERY DIFFERENT.

      I'll be creating a new acct (using an alias of current email).
      That way, if pricing changes etc. in the future, (or if they geoblock further, etc.) it'll be there to re-activate.

      Still gonna keep the DNS redirect as well to region-hop.

    9 bucks a month for SD single....considering I wont use it a huge amount....that will suit me fine.

    Signing up!

    When there's more information available, I'd like to see a list of the major content differences between the AU and US offerings. I'm happy to drop the US account and pick up an AU one as long as I'm not losing too much.

      I'll be switching my account anyway and keep the VPN to bounce around for some missing content. At the moment I watch most stuff on US, but switch to Canada for House of Lies and The Unit.

      According to smh there's zero content differences.

        Scratch that

    Sweet. Maybe I'll ditch my US account and get an Aussie account to take advantage of iiNet's freezone, but maybe keep my to access the US content if I want as well.
    Set the Xbox as primary Aussie account and Apple TV with the DNS and away I go.

    But just to check, that is doable right?

      I wouldn't be surprised if you could just change your region in Netflix to Australia and bypass any need to create a new account. That's how you get to the UK content. US Content through a DNS service might still end up being metered however. Might be worth swapping your region tomorrow and seeing where your content allocation is going.

      I don't think you'll be able to do what you want with the US + AUS regions but without having two accounts, assuming you want both simultaneously. In Netflix you'll nominate a single region for all devices. If its AUS that'll resolve fine, but the US content will require a DNS service. Regardless of what your DNS settings are, Netflix will attempt to access content from the region you nominated in the web panel, and if the IP address isn't valid it'll bomb out.

      If you want to use one device at a time and swap in the Netflix settings, then you should be fine.

      Last edited 23/03/15 10:05 am

        I wouldn't be surprised if you could just change your region in Netflix to Australia and bypass any need to create a new account.

        Exactly right. It's the same as me changing my US DNS to a Canadian one to access their catalogue

        Yeah, good idea, I'll set up Netflix on my xbox tomorrow with my existing account and see what happens. I'll open up iiNet's toolbox at the same time and see if it registers as freezone. Yeah, my bandwidth takes a hammering watching US content.
        I'm only intending to do single screen, so I don't need access to both Aus and US content at the same time.

      Yes. You can freely region hope with your Australian Netflix account. Same if you were to travel to a country that has Netflix. You can log in to that Netflix region with your Aussie account.

    Is there actually a list of shows Netflix Australia is offering somewhere?

      Did you not see the leaked list of content on offer for Netflix AU? Here's the link to the leaked content.

      Kinda. There's a bunch of screenshots that have been posted.

    good prices. FOXTEL TAKE NOTE

    do we have any idea if content will be served locally from servers in AU? I used to have a US account, and want to make sure i get the best possible quality streaming from local servers (with my 12mb connection)

      Don't quote me, but I do believe Netflix is working with ISPs to get copies of content as close to end users as possible. I have some recollection of a Gizmodo article stating much of the content will be replicated here in Australia to cut down on the massive bandwidth required to operate the service.

      I might be wrong but.

        cheers. yeah i know that they are doing some funny things to avoid paying GST (not a 'local' entity) so just wondering if that also translates to all content coming from off-shore or nearshore

          No, there will be Australian data centres used, unless your chosen title is really obscure then it probably comes from one of Amazon's US data centres.

          Netflix use Amazon AWS exclusively now for all the data they host.

          (as distinct from cache's which the ISPs like iinet host, then obviously it's in that data centre)

          Last edited 23/03/15 12:20 pm

    Why would anyone go for the 4K option? Aside from the fact you'd need a4K Tv 2a and around 25 mbps a second to stream. Only if your on Nbn would that be worth looking at. Even then there is very little 4K content. Plus it would just rape your data allowance( unless your on iinet where it's included in freezone)

      It also allows you to stream to four devices instead of two.

      If you had a 4K TV, and wanted to watch House of Cards, Breaking Bad or something, it's not massively expensive. There isn't a lot of 4K content, but some of the headliners are quality shows.

      Internode also has unmetered content, while some other ISPs have uncapped plans which should well also.

      Last edited 23/03/15 11:33 am

      Telstra are in the process of doubling their data allowances. Next wave is this Sunday.

      You answered your own question...
      People with a 4K tv and a 25Mbps (or higher) NBN service with iinet

      I'm keen to see how 4K House of Cards looks and should be able to sustain 25Mbps through cable.

    Hopefully Netflix doesn't go down the route Stan has and block all jailbroken devices from using their app, i did find a work-around about it'll only be so long before they patch it and i can't use it all unless i un-jailbreak my iPad.

    Edit*** why is my comment being moderated? i haven't been downvoted in any of my comments.

    Last edited 23/03/15 11:59 am

    Can someone explain the price model to me please? I'm not Netflix savy at all.

    What does it mean when they say $X for 2 screens or $X for 4 screens????

    Cause like, I only want to watch TV on one screen at a time, sometimes a device, sometimes a TV, but why on earth would I ever want to watch things on more than on screen at a time? I only have one pair of eyes.

      I have Netflix in the bedroom and in the loungeroom. I have the option for 2 screens so it can be used by different people at the same time

    I'm interested. Of course I'm totally down for House of Cards and other Netflix-produced TV shows. I want to find out what I've been missing out on.

    How extensive is Netflix's movie library? Is it on par with Apple TV? Does it have foreign/non-english language films?

    Netflix is too slow with show updates to compete with Foxtel. It's good for catch up of some shows/movies. Also, good luck streaming HD if you're not near an exchange.

      I've had US Netflix for two years and I've been able to stream full HD just fine during our peak times.

        Note I said "if you're not near an exchange". You and I have very different experiences streaming HD.

          Depends on the exchange and how many connections they have in your area. I'm 3-4km from my exchange and I've had no issues with streaming on ADSL at peak times, unless someone in the house is using the network to download "stuff".

    I just got an email from my ISP (Belong) who have upped my download allowance from 250Gb to 750Gb for reasons unknown.

    While that is great, it doesn't help the fact that in peak times my connection can slow to a crawl and make youtube unwatchable. This and a HD streaming service that, frankly, you are going to want to watch at peak times.... *sigh*

      Get telstra...

        Belong is an ISP setup and owned by Telstra. I have used them - had no trouble with speed.

          I live in a busy area. Speed is fine 75% of the time but now and again I get shocking speed reductions.

          I don't think it is a problem with Belong, I think the exchange is overloaded.

    Oz content has been leaked too...

    EDIT: Oops, someone already posted it. My bad.

    Last edited 23/03/15 3:30 pm

    One of these streaming services needs to get Game of Thrones... and make it snappy. Or the pirates will.

    Vpn with Netflix and Hulu or just Australian Netflix, think I might keep my vpn

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