Netflix Australian Launch Date Revealed: March 24

Netflix Australian Launch Date Revealed: March 24

We’ve been waiting and waiting for when we can get Netflix in Australia, and now we know. You’ll be able to use it in Australia and New Zealand on 24 March.

At launch in Australia, Netflix will be partnering with iiNet as an unmetered provider for the streaming service.

You’ll be able to stream as much as you like without it counting towards your usage.

And that’s not the only partnership Netflix has in our market.

People who purchase new Xbox One consoles in Australia will be getting three months worth of free Netflix with purchase.

Netflix is also partnering with Vodafone New Zealand to offer customers free streaming when customers sign up to new plans.

From 24 March you’ll also be able to buy Netflix vouchers in Woolworths and Coles, although we still don’t know the exact price of the service per month.

Netflix has also launched its social channel for Australia today.