Netflix Australian Launch Date Revealed: March 24

We've been waiting and waiting for when we can get Netflix in Australia, and now we know. You'll be able to use it in Australia and New Zealand on 24 March.

At launch in Australia, Netflix will be partnering with iiNet as an unmetered provider for the streaming service.

You'll be able to stream as much as you like without it counting towards your usage.

And that's not the only partnership Netflix has in our market.

People who purchase new Xbox One consoles in Australia will be getting three months worth of free Netflix with purchase.

Netflix is also partnering with Vodafone New Zealand to offer customers free streaming when customers sign up to new plans.

From 24 March you'll also be able to buy Netflix vouchers in Woolworths and Coles, although we still don't know the exact price of the service per month.

Netflix has also launched its social channel for Australia today.

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    At launch in Australia, Netflix will be partnering with iiNet as an unmetered provider for the streaming service.

    They could not find a better provider to partner with.

      Will this extend to Internode? Please please please....

        I'll join you on this request, Please please please.
        My interest is seeing how much content will be lost here in comparison to the U.S. site, I'm willing to bet it will be a massive amount of difference.

          All internode customers have access to the full iinet freezone and anything unmetered on iinet is also unmetered on internode.

        Yes - internode customers have access to the iinet freezone and everything in it, including this.

          Absolutely brilliant. This was and is my only request for Netflix. Content will come in time.

      I might have to change to iiNet, been avoiding changing until NBN comes, but I doubt that cable in my street will ever be connected under this govt, Only worry is the zero ports available at my exchange, any chance I'll lose my port if I churn?

        If you churn you should be right, but if your told your old service will need to be disconnected and then you'll have to wait 2-3 weeks for re-connection, I would be very wary & hesitant.

        Which ISP are you with now? If it's optus or tpg they already have unlimited plans, if it's Telstra well i'm sure, not to be outdone, that presto will announce an unmetering partnership with telstra sometime soon. (i'd be willing to put good money on it)

          I'm with Telstra, and don't have Foxtel or Tbox, so their unlimited streaming is useless. I do however have a crap tonne of account credit due to a whole heap of stuff ups that I escalated, but I wont be moving my mobiles so that'll just stay with them. I was going to wait for NBN to bother changing since Telstra's NBN plans are god awful, but doesn't look like that's ever going to happen with brownfields MDU's. Even thought my building is only two years old, and NBN was rolled out on my street a year and a half ago...

          Really though, it wont be freezone, as I'll be keeping everything US based for more content anyway lol.

          Last edited 03/03/15 11:00 am

        NETFLIX (unmetered) is comming to Internode.
        iinet are rolling the offer out to internode as well.
        register your interest on the front page of internode.
        (user of internode)

          Sorry, I'd never sign up to another Telco without good NBN plans. Unless rainbows with pots of gold come out of my internet line, I'm not paying $45 more a month for internode than iinet when I can finally get NBN.

      What you think Telstra or Optus is going to, that would cut into there offerings.

      iiNet and Internode already have a lot of "freezone" content. This makes a lot of sense and I can see a lot of people moving to Internode/iiNet for this unmetered content.

      That is as long as Netflix can get some decent content for the Australian version.

      I'm an iiNet customer and I don't believe there is a better provider in this country and I have tried them all over the years.

    I have unlimited with Optus anyway, so I will be right.

    If I was Stan I would be wanting to get a hurry up with the ATV app and other delivery methods. With three weeks till Netflix are here time is wasting away. Wouldn't be surprised if they make an announcement sometime this week

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    As an iiNet Fibre customer, this news makes me much more interested in Netflix.

    March 24. Luke I was spot on.

    Well, looks like i won't be continuing with Stan. Very happy i joined iinet. Let's just hope they don't try to limit the screens we can watch the content on.

      My standard Netflix subscription states "HD, 2 Screens" (simultaneously).

        Yep. Netflix already has some limitations...I can't imagine they'll differ to what the US has. I believe you may be able to pay additional to go to a four screen plan also.

    Will users of Netflix Australia have to remove their smartdns settings from their modems to get the iiNet quota free?

      Yeah i do wonder the same, if we will need to remove the smartdns settings. I wonder if we can use Netflix from other regions unmetered.

        Me too. Hopefully it's not like iTunes etc. where it has to be from Aussie-based part of the site.

        Nope, if I use Netflix US, it uses Netflix US servers. If I use Netflix UK, it uses Netflix UK servers.

      the URL will be different so smart DNS shouldnt get in the way

      Yes. You lose all freezone currently if you have a smart DNS set or use googles DNS.

    Exciting stuff. HD and 4k available too.

    Perhaps this will (finally) encourage foxtel and fairfax to actually put a little money aside to making their apps available on ALL android devices.

    Last edited 03/03/15 9:34 am

    this is all great....but the real question much and what for?

    Little light on detail with a release date not too far away.
    How much?
    Will the catalogue be decent?

    Netflix has the name, very accessible pricing and beefy library overseas which is why Australians have been circumventing Geoblocks up until now.

    If they launch with a significantly reduced offering and a price premium/Australia tax then our existing, local, alternative streaming options might be more appealing.

    Also be interesting to see if one subscription can still be used with VPN to watch other regions. (Like a US subscriber can view UK Netflix with VPN).

    Wait and see I suppose.

    The voucher amounts are $20, $30 and $50.

    Going by those voucher amounts, I’m going to speculate pricing is:
    $10 for the single stream SD plan
    $15 for the 2 stream HD plan
    $25 for the family plan with 4k.

    That would mean each of those vouchers can provide 2 months of service.

      I hope $15 won't be the price for 2 streams.

      Being on a grandfathered US plan, changing to AU is extremely unappealing. I have all the bells and whistles for the base price for being a long term customer.

        Netflix has no hope of converting you over so you are really not the target market.

        I think a lot of people with US netflix will just keep on paying the US price, unless our dollar gets down to 50 US cents again.

        Same. I pay something like $8 for 2 screens. I have no real intention of changing, really. Not when it's double the price.

    i had netflix and a U.S DNS account for a while, it was great. I cancelled because i didn't have much time to make use of it, but now I'm tempted to jump on it again (with an AU account)

      +1 i'm the same

      it would be great if the australian service could see some local content though - rumour has it a partnership with 10 is in the works, which would be a good thing for both companies. (10 has been close to going broke more than once)

        I would imagine that they would make some local content eventually, it is the norm for entertainment companies to do that when operating in a foreign country to do some localisation, HBO has made some great content with the ABC for example. But I would think that this might be a couple years down the track.

      wrong thread ignore

      Last edited 03/03/15 3:10 pm

    I'm really hoping a local app for AppleTV is going to be available, only using mobile devices or computers to get the content is a deal-breaker for me. Using airplay is not a great solution at all, since it needs the device to be running a specific app all the time, negating it's use for anything else.
    Considering it's available on US AppleTV's, I imagine it will be available eventually, if not at launch.

    I'm certainly willing to pay $10-15 a month for a good service, and I'm already with iinet so... huzzah!

      All the other reports on the 'Net and the SMH are saying the full range of apps will be available at launch. The Android app is already there.

      Easy fix. All apps are already on Apple TV, they're just segmented by the region you choose.

      Just change your Apple TV's store region to "US". Netflix, HUlu+, Amazon Prime (and 20 billion other apps) will appear. The Netflix app won't be bound by that store region though - when you open Netflix, it will then open the region you're viewing from (or where your proxy/VPN says you're from), not necessarily the US.

      Judging by other markets, it should just be the same app as everywhere else. Your IP is how they direct you to the correct content. That's why we can easily swap between regions with smart DNS services.

    Netflix rep has said on their ANZ Facebook page, "pricing hasn't been announced yet, but we can give you a hint - it will be very similar to Netflix in other markets."

    Being with iiNet, ChromeCast, Fiber.... this all just adds up so well! (Chromecast already has the app)

    The Xbox one console thing, is that for new purchases or can people who already own the console get it.

    For those using GetFlix/DNS changer on iiNet, you'll need to flick back to the iiNet DNS settings to get NetFlix Oz as free content. Netflix in other countries will be counted.

    "(pricing)...will be very similar to Netflix in other markets." "
    It seems that joining NetFlix Canada is currently the best value at ~$au8/mth currently (ok Brazil is a few cents cheaper). So if they want to charge $10/$15 locally, then that'll be your best bet.

    I wonder what will happen to the GetFlix/DNS changers now?

      Oh yes of course FetchTV have announced the NetFlix app will be available from day 1.

      "I wonder what will happen to the GetFlix/DNS changers now?"

      They'll still exist. You can use them to region-hop to see whatever Netflix country content you want. The only benefit of Aus Netflix accounts will be buying subscriptions in $A, or even buying prepaid Netflix cards. Region-hopping will still go on as before. :-)

    When it's settled,is there someway to see what content is on each? Overlaps surely? Will I need 2 subscriptions if say banshee is only on stan,and say arrow only on Netflix.ill reserve judgement.the Stan website doesn't seem to show all content available ( or am I missing something?)

    I currently access USA Netflix through my Xbox One using Getflix...wonder if I'll be able to access Australia Netflix through the same app, by changing back to the default DNS settings?

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