NBN Co Is Testing HFC Cable Delivery In These Four Suburbs

Part of the new multi-technology mix National Broadband Network, the NBN Co is folding the hybrid-fibre coaxial networks of Optus and Telstra into the rollout. In a bid to prove that these work, the company has announced four suburbs across New South Wales and Queensland that will be test sides for the new NBN HFC service.

NBN Co is trialling the HFC service in Emu Plains, NSW, and Redcliffe, Slacks Creek and Merrimac in Queensland.

"The aim of the construction trial is to deliver valuable insights into how to deploy that upgraded HFC network at scale," said NBN Co's Chief Technology Officer, Dennis Steiger.

Despite the fact that the test connections will be hooked up in mid-2015, they won't have commercial services attached to them until they come into market in 2016.

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