Map Shows The Location Of Popular Animated Movies Across The World

Map Shows The Location Of Popular Animated Movies Across The World

Though most of the real world lives in China and India and other parts of Asia, the fake animated world is almost exclusively set in the USA and Europe. Obviously, that’s because many popular animation movies are made by Western shops for Western audiences, but, hey, can the rest of the world get some animated love?

This map, which was made by Martin Vargic, plots out the location of 124 animated movies from the likes of Pixar and Disney and Dreamworks and so on. Vargic writes:

All locations were either explicitly stated/shown in the movies(Finding Nemo, Rio, Madagascar, etc.), derived from the evidence within the movie(Frozen, Lion King…) or derived from the original work the movie was based in (Snow White, Pinocchio).

Placing some of the movies on the map was very difficult and required a lot of research(including looking through fan theories or studying where are various animal species geographically distributed). Movies that take place in radically different universes (Treasure Planet, Wreck-it-ralph, etc.) were not included on the map.

You can see click the image below to embiggen the map, see the full resolution map here and peep the entire list of locations here.

Map shows the location of popular animated movies across the world