Kim Dotcom Dubbed A 'Fugitive' So The US Can Keep His Money

Mega and Kim Dotcom have had a rough time of it, with complex ongoing legal battles that have sapped his few remaining funds. Part of the problem is that US holds all his money and assets and are doing their best to keep it all for themselves.

In a ruling from late February, the Virginia Federal Court has found that Kim Dotcom is not entitled to fight to get his assets back because he is a "fugitive". It’s a particularly troubling claim, because it means the US can seize money and assets in other countries and not give them back. Part of the problem is the potential extradition of Kim to the US from New Zealand – the Judge in the case has said that anyone who declines to enter the United States can be considered a fugitive. Considering that Mr Dotcom has actually offered to come to the US and defend himself, if they will just give him his money so he can mount an effective defense.

Mega has also recently faced trouble with Paypal cancelling the services account. The excuse is that the security is too good, and Paypal doesn't know what sort of files people are storing on Mega. Kim Dotcom isn't letting it all get him down though, with talk of bringing his political party to the US this year and starting his own internet. [TechDirt] [Reddit]


    No wonder this man loves bitcoin.

      The US government is really pushing it with this crap.

    Thanks, Obama!

    ...not the Hutt - he inadvertently saves Han Solo, ya see.

    A US Company could nearly do the exact same thing to any Australian citizen.... like say seizing your bank accounts cause they suspect you of piracy cause you got flagged by a meta-data sweep :P Tick Tock Tick Tock.

    soooo......PayPal allow far right racist organisations to use PayPal for donations ...and they're fine with that.....yet they pull their services from mega even though they don't know the file content?....sort your priorities out PayPal ....absolutely disgusting behaviour.

      You don't really think that Paypal did it because they wanted to, do you? There's are a lot more powerful forces at play here than Paypal's business decisions.

      In the US being racist is perfectly legal.

    All he really has to do is to hire a US attorney to enter an appearance for him. Voila! generally not a fugitive if represented. Of course any attorney, myself included, would want a large amount of money to represent someone with a matter this complex. The government knows full well that if they tie up the money so someone can"t get a lawyer, the government will easily win because there is no defense. There was probably no one in that Courtroom to tell the Judge that he had volunteered to testify in whatever jurisdiction could be negotiated. In financial matters, it's generally the documents that need to be authenticated. If there has been tax evasion, which in this case, sounds probable, then negotiating for a proper filing of the return and payment of the tax usually fixes the problem. If not truly subject to the tax, then then matter generally needs to go to the IRS legal group for discussion, then Tax Court. All requires money. So really, unless this guy has non-US money, the government is going to win and he should just say goodbye to his money as it will be gone is costs, fines, etc whatever the government attorneys can pile on.

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    Too bad bitcoin is useless!

    You think this situation is bad? US is even WORSE for the shake-down. They call it "Civil Forfiture.."

    Yes, land of the Free... to be corrupt..

    As told by John Oliver (and if you don't know who he is, you need to get out more)

    Someone in the US Government and its captive judiciary should read a dictionary. And learn English. A fugitive is someone who flees; it comes from the Latin fugere, to flee. To flee from somewhere you have to be there. Kim Dotcom has never been to the US. So he cannot be a fugitive from it. And I have been to his place. He was not running anywhere. Just staying put. Living, not fleeing. So am I. So I must be a fugitive from the USG too.... ;-) Send in the FBI, the Marines, the battle fleets and the gunships. I'm a danger to the human race.... And, even worse, I watch movies on-line. On YouTube...

      Hey, when you're making up the laws to suit your own ends, you can define terms to be whatever you want and suit whatever ends you please.

      I mean, they've completely redefined "Justice". So there you go.

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    What I want to know is who to hold accountable in Australia for signing the TPP with this backwards country.

    United States needs to hurry up going bankrupt and disappear for the next millenium.

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