Jurassic Park's Memorable Scenes Recreated In Stop-Motion LEGO

No, it's not the LEGO Jurassic Park game. This is arguably better though. When you get the opportunity to recreate the best dinosaur film ever in stop-motion with $US100,000 of plastic blocks, are you going to decline? Of course not.

The entire movie would be quite a lot of work, so instead, Paul Hollingsworth, his daughter and "and all their friends", going by the clip's description, crafted a condensed version instead that comes in at a bit under four minutes.

Hollingsworth's special effects company, Digital Wizards, had a hand in things too, so the quality is definitely above that of your average fan reproduction.

As you can see, it was worth the effort. I feel sorry for whoever has to sort through all that LEGO so it goes back to its original owners.

[YouTube, via Nerd Approved]

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