20 Geeky TV Shows, None Of Them Available On Netflix Australia

20 Geeky TV Shows, None Of Them Available On Netflix Australia

Don’t chuck your VPN away just yet: Netflix’s Australian library has some serious content problems when it comes to geeky TV shows.

This morning I decided to do a little test to see what Netflix had in Australia compared to what the service offers to stream for its US customers. What I found was pretty gobsmacking.

At random, I chose 20 TV shows that resonate with Gizmodo Australia readers. Everything from The X-Files to Archer right through to Hawaii Five-0 and Xena: Warrior Princess were thrown on the list.

I collated how many seasons were available in the US, thinking that while Netflix’s Australian library might have a few of the shows in question, the number of episodes on offer could differ.


As it turns out, of the 20 shows I chose at random, not one of them is on the Netflix Australian library. Here’s the list:

Show US Netflix availability AU Netflix availability
Parks And Recreation 6 seasons Not available
The Office US 9 seasons Not available
Bob’s Burgers 3 seasons Not available
Archer 5 seasons Not available
Family Guy 12 seasons Not available
30 Rock 7 seasons Not available
Dexter 8 seasons Not available
Weeds 8 seasons Not available
Portlandia 4 seasons Not available
The Following 2 seasons Not available
The X-Files 9 seasons Not available
Cosmos 1 season Not available
Hawaii Five-0 4 seasons Not available
Revolution 2 seasons Not available
Dollhouse 2 seasons Not available
The 4400 4 seasons Not available
Alphas 2 seasons Not available
Sliders 5 seasons Not available
Xena: Warrior Princess 6 seasons Not available
Caprica 1 season Not available

Thankfully, these titles are just a switch away with a browser-based VPN like Hola.

This isn’t to say Netflix’s Australian offering is bad. It’s just missing a few geeky shows you might like. It’s still great for movies and even has some stuff the US library doesn’t have like Stargate: Atlantis, for example. Netflix offers a 30-day free trial for you to check out the library without paying a cent, so you’ve got nothing to lose by checking it out.

Our friends over at Lifehacker have taken a look at the movies on offer for Netflix’s Aussie users, and the situation is about as bleak.