Huawei's Car-Fi Dongle Is A Must-Have For Any Journey

Long car journeys suck, and can only be improved by the addition of internet. If your car doesn't have a built-in 4G hotspot like some new-fangled ones do, this Huawei gadget is a must have.

It's called the Car-Fi from Huawei.

It plugs straight into the cigarette lighter in your car and gives you instant access to a Wi-Fi hotspot thanks to a baked-in microSIM. You also get a USB charging port so you can keep your phone alive until you get to your destination.

Huawei isn't about to sell the Car-Fi direct to the public. We were told at Mobile World Congress this year that it would instead look to sell them to carriers who can stick their own branding on the gear shift-shaped gadget.

Get on it, Aussie telcos.

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