How To Not Be Really Annoying On Snapchat

How To Not Be Really Annoying On Snapchat

What was initially a safer way to send the odd sexy photo has grown to occupy a very different social space. Where Instagram is for beautiful, aspirational images, Snapchat embraces silliness, fun and entertainment. It’s for sending your bestie the ugliest selfie possible; a totally adorable photo of your cat or a video of yourself in the mosh-pit. It’s fun, immediate and temporary. But there’s a snappy way to Snap and friends who don’t quite get it.

Here are eight annoying Snapchat faux-pas you can easily avoid.

Please don’t make every photo 10 seconds long

Snapchat has an adjustable timer for a reason. Some super interesting or detailed pictures may need to be sent for 10 seconds, but most don’t. So please stop sending Snaps of something completely pointless with the timer cranked to 10. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Don’t over stage your selfies

How To Not Be Really Annoying On Snapchat

Seriously, leave that to Instagram. What’s the point trying for 20 minutes to get the perfect selfie picture only for it to disappear anyway? Besides, it’s boring. Stop it.

Stop sending multiple Snaps in a row

How To Not Be Really Annoying On Snapchat

This is why the Story feature is there. If you want to send multiple Snaps then just add it to your Story. I don’t want to check my phone and see 12 notifications because you’ve just sent 12 Snaps of your dog, stop it.

But also keep in mind…

Don’t upload boring Snaps to your Story

How To Not Be Really Annoying On Snapchat

Although, multiple Snaps in a row should be sent straight to your Story, do not put anything boring on there.

For those of you who don’t know, the Snapchat Story feature allows you upload multiple snaps and videos into one continuous stream. They can then be viewed an unlimited number of times for 24 hours. So why on earth would you upload a picture of printer or a water cooler to your Story? Like your Snapfriends need to see that photo more than once — or at all. Quit it.

Do not screen shot everything, it’s weird

How To Not Be Really Annoying On Snapchat

Seriously, it’s a bit weird. We’ve all taken the occasional screen shot but it’s not cool to screen shot every photo you’re sent. It sends a notification to the other person and it just generally feels a bit creepy. Besides, what are you planning to do with a bunch of “train running late again” pictures anyway?

C’mon, why make a Story that’s 200 seconds long?

How To Not Be Really Annoying On Snapchat

Let’s face it. Your life is not that interesting. If you have a Story that’s 200 seconds long you better be with Beyoncé or something because there is no other reason for anyone to send that many Snaps in one day.

No one likes your weather updates

How To Not Be Really Annoying On Snapchat

We know what the temperature is thank you very much. The only reason you’re sending this is to let everyone know that you’re enjoying a nice day outside while everyone else is at work. Which makes this Snapchat faux-pas extra annoying. Nope.

Please stop the good morning and goodnight Snaps

How To Not Be Really Annoying On Snapchat

What is the point of these? Seriously. No one cares that you’re going to bed or that you’ve just woken up. This is not twitter so stop sending little updates about your day.

So those are the annoying types of Snaps that really grind my gears. Let us know your Snapchat pet peeves in the comments below. And, come back next week, we’ll be discussing ways you can up your Snapchat game.


All photos are courtesy of my lovely friend, Stefan Kalajdzic, who agreed to supply these pictures in good fun. He is actually a spectacular Snapfriend, great Instagramer and all round top person.