How Do 'Futuristic' Concept Cars From The '70s And '80s Hold Up Today?

I'm sure we'll look back in 20 years at the designs of today's most advanced vehicles and have a chuckle at how strange they are. Or maybe not. Just because we consider something "retro" doesn't mean it's suddenly terrible a few decades later and this is very much the case with some concept cars of the 1970s and '80s.

Avi Abrams over at Dark Roasted Blend has compiled a short gallery of some of the more interesting designs from these eras and honestly, you'd be surprised how many stand the test of time.

Sure, we ended up with a few not-so-flattering concepts such as 1979's Toyota FCX-80:

The same year however produced the more retro-futuristic Dome Zero P2:

Perhaps the slickest of the lot is the Lancia Bertone Stratos in the lead photo. While definitely showing its age, so to speak, I don't think it'd look terribly out of place in a more modern setting.

At least you'd have fun figuring out how to get inside.

[Dark Roasted Blend]

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