Exclusive: Here's Your First Look At C-3PO And R2-D2 In Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

During GTC 2015, Nvidia gave an inside look at LucasFilm using its monster Quadro M6000 pro-graphics cards to render Star Wars: The Force Awakens footage. The content they showed us happened to feature a certain robotic duo that fans might be familiar with...

Update: We've been duped! An eagle-eyed Star Wars fan has correctly identified this image from a demo reel for the abandoned Star Wars 1313 video game. Seems Nvidia was being a bit cheeky with its slideshow!

Nvidia unveiled its new pro-graphics cards range at GTC 2015 yesterday, including the monster Quadro M6000 which is the fastest card on the planet. While this is pretty newsworthy in itself, the biggest story was the real-world example they flashed up onscreen.

Lucasfilm is currently using Quadros for post-production on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. The single image we were shown depicted a VCA workstation with none other than R2-D2 and C-3PO onscreen. Astonished, we quickly took a snap with our camera before the presenter moved on to the next slide.

This is huge news. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first image of either droid from the new movie. In fact, this was probably an error on Disney and Lucasfilm's part — we can't imagine they intentionally chose to unveil two beloved characters via a throwaway sideshow image at a GPU conference.

So what's going on here, exactly? Let's take a closer look:

R2-D2 and C-3PO appear to be in the midst of an argument, as usual. The background depicts a rock-based hovel in a desert landscape (a return to Tatooine perhaps?) Interestingly, the entrance — if it is an entrance — seems way too small for a human.

Based on the above evidence, we can surmise that the pair just murdered a Jawa during a botched robbery and are discussing how best to dispose of the corpse. The Force Awakens is hardcore.

Gizmodo travelled to GTC 2015 in San Jose, California as a guest of Nvidia.

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    Contrary to popular belief among my Star Wars orientated friends, they haven't screwed the franchise up yet, they look like C-3PO and R2-D2. And really, there is nothing Disney could do to ruin Star Wars that George Lucas didn't do first.

      Well said. First thing they did right was scrapping George's script for the film. I heard it had the title: Star Wars Episode IIX: Battle of Passing Tax Reform in the New Senate for Outlying Systems After the Imperial Fleet Has Been Disbanded.

      I really enjoyed what Lucas done for Star Wars. Logically, we wouldn't have StarWars without him. I have nothing but respect for the man...and he certainly doesn't deserve the crap thrown at him over the last few years. Simply put...Lucas IS Star Wars, it came from his mind, and if he hadn't of had the courage and determination to make a low budget, widely expected flop back in 75-76 we wouldn't even be here talking.

        I agree, it was his creation, but he could not leave well enough alone, he just had to keep coming back and milking that story line for every drop it was worth.

      1000 up votes!!! Those previous three movies (prequels) were abysmal. Some of the worst movies I've ever seen. The occasional good scene here and there did not make up for the dismal, across the board failings. NOTHING JJ could could be worse.

    HOLY SHIT! It looks.....just like all the other movies.

    In all honesty.....cant wait :D

    I didnt look at any of the pictures in this article or videos (if there were any). I've chosen to proactively not read or see anything to do with the new Star Wars flick until it comes out. I dont want to get my hopes high and go in with "a new hope" :-P

    I wonder if they are still going to have space ships flying about like planes, fire in space, ray guns that shoot more inaccurately than pistols and the little dude with pointy ears that can't speak properly. Doesn't matter, I'll give it a miss anyway.

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