Here Are All The Aussie ISPs That Will Stream Netflix Quota-Free

Here Are All The Aussie ISPs That Will Stream Netflix Quota-Free

Want the latest TVs shows and movies without chewing through your bandwidth? A select few Aussie ISPs will now allow you to stream all the Netflix you can handle, without adding it to your bill.

It has been a long, long wait with plenty of streaming competition, but Netflix finally launches later in the month. Before you get too excited, this list is for fixed line broadband plans only -– no free Netflix data on your mobile connection.

One thing to note is that it’s only Netflix Australia that is unmetered on these plans, too –- if you access the US version via a VPN, it will still count to your limit.

So, which ISPs have rolled out quota free streaming?


iiNet confirmed early in the piece that they would offer quota free Netflix streaming for fixed broadband customers. As expected, it’s only unmetered for Australian Netflix content.

The deal excludes Satellite, NBN wireless, Mobile Voice and Mobile Broadband. Sadly for those wanting to chill out at work, there is no free Netflix quota for Business customers.

In addition, iiNet subsidiaries will also offer unmetered Netflix access under the same restrictions.

Internode Unmetered streaming for fixed line broadband customers.

Westnet Unmetered streaming for fixed line broadband customers.

Adam Unmetered streaming for fixed line broadband customers.


Optus also jumped on the bandwagon and announced broadband customers will be able to use Netflix without metering.

The full details have not yet been announced, but you can bet that it will be for fixed line broadband customers only – no mobile streaming.

Telstra Bigpond

Telstra recently announced an agreement with streaming service Presto, so is unlikely to offer unmetered Netflix.

On the plus side, Presto customers will get quota free streaming on fixed line broadband plans. Mobile use is still excluded, but you can sign up for a free 30 day trial.


Currently in negotiations with Netflix for unmetered streaming. At the moment, though, no plans have been announced.

However, it might not matter. A TPG source has said that the majority of customers are on unlimited plans and are thus already able to stream as much data as needed.


No information to date. As Vodafone is a mobile ISP, it is almost certain not to include free streaming that would massively strain its data network.

However, considering Vodafone has partnered with Stan, it does realise the importance of streaming video. Unmetered Netflix is unlikely.


Netflix is not currently included in the list of unmetered sites available to iPrimus users. At the moment, the main unmetered service that iPrimus offers is its download mirror.

You can stream ABC iView without burning through your data limit though, so go nuts — you pay for our national broadcaster with your taxes anyway.


No unmetered Netflix streaming is currently offered. Exetel is a super-budget ISP, so don’t expect too many added extras when you sign up.

Considering Exetel offers cheap unlimited plans, quota-free data may not be as important to customers. You may as well just jump on an unlimited plan and just go nuts.