Here Are All The Aussie ISPs That Will Stream Netflix Quota-Free

Want the latest TVs shows and movies without chewing through your bandwidth? A select few Aussie ISPs will now allow you to stream all the Netflix you can handle, without adding it to your bill.

It has been a long, long wait with plenty of streaming competition, but Netflix finally launches later in the month. Before you get too excited, this list is for fixed line broadband plans only -– no free Netflix data on your mobile connection.

One thing to note is that it’s only Netflix Australia that is unmetered on these plans, too –- if you access the US version via a VPN, it will still count to your limit.

So, which ISPs have rolled out quota free streaming?


iiNet confirmed early in the piece that they would offer quota free Netflix streaming for fixed broadband customers. As expected, it’s only unmetered for Australian Netflix content.

The deal excludes Satellite, NBN wireless, Mobile Voice and Mobile Broadband. Sadly for those wanting to chill out at work, there is no free Netflix quota for Business customers.

In addition, iiNet subsidiaries will also offer unmetered Netflix access under the same restrictions.

Internode Unmetered streaming for fixed line broadband customers.

Westnet Unmetered streaming for fixed line broadband customers.

Adam Unmetered streaming for fixed line broadband customers.


Optus also jumped on the bandwagon and announced broadband customers will be able to use Netflix without metering.

The full details have not yet been announced, but you can bet that it will be for fixed line broadband customers only – no mobile streaming.

Telstra Bigpond

Telstra recently announced an agreement with streaming service Presto, so is unlikely to offer unmetered Netflix.

On the plus side, Presto customers will get quota free streaming on fixed line broadband plans. Mobile use is still excluded, but you can sign up for a free 30 day trial.


Currently in negotiations with Netflix for unmetered streaming. At the moment, though, no plans have been announced.

However, it might not matter. A TPG source has said that the majority of customers are on unlimited plans and are thus already able to stream as much data as needed.


No information to date. As Vodafone is a mobile ISP, it is almost certain not to include free streaming that would massively strain its data network.

However, considering Vodafone has partnered with Stan, it does realise the importance of streaming video. Unmetered Netflix is unlikely.


Netflix is not currently included in the list of unmetered sites available to iPrimus users. At the moment, the main unmetered service that iPrimus offers is its download mirror.

You can stream ABC iView without burning through your data limit though, so go nuts — you pay for our national broadcaster with your taxes anyway.


No unmetered Netflix streaming is currently offered. Exetel is a super-budget ISP, so don't expect too many added extras when you sign up.

Considering Exetel offers cheap unlimited plans, quota-free data may not be as important to customers. You may as well just jump on an unlimited plan and just go nuts.



    Shame my internet connection is so crappy it will never actually work as intended.

      Amen to that. I can barly stream ABC iView or 360p video

    I'd be happier if Netflix started releasing some details of the line up of shows, pricing and the systems they are going to work with.

      thought I'd go to their website to see a list, but apparently I have to give them an email address just to view their site.

      Pricing - yes, wanna know that too, to see if it'll be cheaper to immigrate back from US pricing.

      Systems? Several articles etc. have mentioned that. There's Netflix apps already on a range of devices, most (if not all) should be marked as being available for download in our region almost straight away.

      MS have said XBOne & 360 app will be available from day 1. Apple should be turning it on then as well for Apple TV, as well as probably iTunes for phones & tablets. Same for Google & Chromecast/Android devices. There's PS3/PS4 & Wii U apps so they'll happen too. Roku, WD TV have apps, as well as some smart TVs (eg. Samsung). There'll be lots of ways to watch Netflix.

      Edit: See here for full list of apps
      If we get even 25% of those on launch, will still be massively better than Stan & Presto already.

      Last edited 10/03/15 1:08 pm

        Pricing - yes, wanna know that too, to see if it'll be cheaper to immigrate back from US pricing.

        Just go with Netflix Brazil. $7 aud/month

    What I am most curious about is whether I will just continue to pay Netflix and turn off the VPN, rather than having to setup a brand new account etc

      If you are using a DNS redirection service, you can just change your region location and switch between US, Australia, UK etc. I think it might be a bit trickier with a VPN.

      Yes you can.
      Payment region = what currency you prefer to pay in (and only that).
      The location you watch from is what is available to you. For example, if you use a VPN from US you get US content. Same for UK. If you turn off VPN you'll get Aussie content.

      The only real effect of a Netflix account (besides payment currency) is the "list" feature. You can only add items to your bookmarked list in your ("home") account region. If you can live without that, just set up (or stick with) the region that works out the cheapest for you, and VPN/proxy to the region you want to view.

      Last edited 10/03/15 2:04 pm

      Yeah, you'll be just fine. That's what I'll be doing.

        So much Yes, but will it still be unmetered if you are watching it through a VPN?

          This was already answered:
          "One thing to note is that it’s only Netflix Australia that is unmetered on these plans, too –- if you access the US version via a VPN, it will still count to your limit."
          So no, a Proxy/VPN access to Netflix will count to your limit, but AU Netflix bandwidth will be free on the listed carriers.

    ha presto!

    what a joke of a service.

      As bad as Stan? I get buffering issues when trying to watch The Wiggles with my daughter..

        Stan had some issues for me late last week after two weeks of nearly perfect service and seems to have settled again the last few days. I assume that they're having some issues keeping up with demand.

        I've tried both. Stan seems to be much better at managing streaming speeds although that may be because I automatically used the low-quality option, which Presto doesn't offer. In any off-peak time Presto is extremely slow. Plus, silverlight wasn't much of an issue except for the need to install but I've had issues with Presto's flash player and Presto only has the newest android devices compatible (although Stan didn't work too well on mine, anyway).

    Besides a computer, ADSL2+ modem, internet account... what would I need to view NetFlix on my TV? How does it actually work?

      You could plug your computer into the TV and watch it through the PC's web browser?

      Either that or a little Chromecast dongle and stream it via your smartphone or tablet...

        Or the same method as Chromecast via Apple TV instead which would also give you access to your iTunes library, or the native app on Xbox One (not sure if PS3/PS4/Xbox 360 have apps, I assume they do or will).

        Thanks Campbell. Do you know what resolution NetFlix Australia will be broadcast/streamed in?


      What TV do you have? Certain SmartTV models have a Netflix app (currently disabled on Aus models, but I'm sure firmware updates to enable it will be coming after the Netflix AU/NZ launch)

    Shame Telstra has to be so 'buddy-buddy' with the Murdoch ecosystem. I would love to have Netflix, but I am only limited to a Telstra Liberty Wireless plan (3G, but it technically shares unmetered content with broadband, not mobile) where I live so I have to give up those dreams.

    Then again, who expected anything else from Telstra?

    If Apple unlock the Netflix on Apple TV for AU users. Does anyone know if it will still be unmetered? I am with iiNet.

    I'm on TPG and went up to unlimited when I realised Stan had chewed through 185gb of my 250gb "on peak" usage on the 500gb plan. It was only $10/month extra than what I was already paying and had I realised that I would have done it a lot sooner.

      ok, who is stan and why does this matter?

      How many hours did you watch? HD?

    Of-fucking-course. Telstra has some BS deal that means customers get boned all over again. It's a shame they're the only ISP in the area that will service my address. And with decent speed for a change.

      Only ISP in the area? WTF? by law Telstra has to grant access to any ISP who wants access to the exchange or lines?

      If there are no other ISPs in your area, that is because other ISPs don't want to service you.

        Probably cable or "smart community" where the former could have "technology blockers" on the standard phone line (pair gain etc) - and the latter means no other provider could install their own cables anyway, even if it weren't terribly expensive to duplicate infrastructure.


    DOG of a company, would not want anything you offer even for FREE

    Ahh... Unlimited streaming on FTTH NBN. Life is good.

    I'm just curious...why did you single out iiNet business for failing to provide quota free Netflix whilst none of the other telcos had a single mention for their failure to provide Netflix quota free on their business and enterprise offerings.

      Because it's explicitly mentioned on iiNet's site, IIRC. And if almost all of the other telcos aren't doing anything around Netflix at all, chances are they won't be doing stuff for business :)

      Because the bigger telcos are the ones who pay Allure Media's/Gizmodo's bills through advertising.

    I'm with Internode in NSW and couldn't be happier. Those guys in SA have got their act together; any issues are fixed without hassles. Good for old guys like me....

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