Girl Scout Cookies, Or California's Most Notorious Strain Of Cannabis

Girl Scout Cookies, or California's Most Notorious Strain of Cannabis

I first heard of Girl Scout Cookies a few years ago, shortly after I got my prescription for marijuana in California. I went into my local dispensary and asked for whatever buds they had that smelled the nicest. "Have you tried Girl Scout Cookies?" the woman behind the counter asked. "It's famous."

I had not. So she took a bell-shaped jar from underneath the counter, full of plump buds covered in curly orange hairs. Then she lifted the suction lid. The scent that drifted out was delicious — flowery, piney, sweet. The strain is named Girl Scout Cookies partly because of its distinctive, pleasant aroma. Some say it smells like candy, but I think it's more like a mild sandalwood incense. The point is, its a hybrid that smells delightful — unlike some strains that are unmistakably cheesy or skunky. And the flavour is good too, whether you vape or just roll it up as a joint.

The origins of Girl Scout Cookies are as hazy as you'll feel after just a few hits. Some say it's a cross between pure South African sativa Durban Poison and the west coast sativa-like hybrid OG Kush. Others say there's a bit of a Florida strain in there called F1. And still others say it has famous indica Granddaddy Purple in the mix. Whatever is in there with the Durban Poison and OG Kush, there's no doubt that Girl Scout Cookies deliver a bright, cerebral sativa high. It will definitely turn you into a giggle monster or philosopher, depending on your predilections, but it won't put you to sleep.

What everybody agrees on is its strength. It's got about 20 per cent THC, and 0.5 per cent CBD. That THC percentage is terrifically high for any marijuana strain, and is part of what has earned Girl Scout Cookies its slightly naughty reputation.

At one point, when I joined a new dispensary, I was told that the owners had decided to stop carrying Girl Scout Cookies for a while. They thought it was just too strong, and didn't have a clear therapeutic use. I got the feeling they thought it was the Everclear of pot. But it's so popular that they had to start selling it again.

Indeed, Girl Scout Cookies is such a famous strain that it's spawned a lot of copycats. There are definitely fake GSC strains running around, as well as legit related phenotypes like Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies.

Though I would not recommend GSC for marijuana newbies, I think it's a great choice for a more seasoned aficionado. Obviously you'll want to take a little bit less than you are used to, unless you want to feel blotto and hyper at the same time (sometimes fun, especially if you are hiking in on really safe, unchallenging trail or picnicking with friends). But I will always love GSC simply for that lovely scent and flavour. That's what matters most to me — the aesthetic experience of the flowery smoke wafting down my throat.

Image by Ry Prichard, The Cannabist

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    And here in Australia I just get whatever my bloke deals me. Why can't we have dispensaries ? Wake up Australia and make it legal.

      I give it five of so years before we see legalised. But we'll see medicinal nation-wide by the end of 2016 I'm betting. Even Abbott of all people isn't against the idea of medicinal.

        I think you're calling it a bit early.

        UNGASS 2016 will be the next major event, with the South American countries pushing for a change to international laws and regulation to allow legal markets and industries.
        Its not hard to imagine a world with "Organic Conflict-free Coca Leaves/Cocaine".

    what the fuck does this have to do with anything at all related to "Technology and consumer electronics news, reviews and deals."?

    I'm Fairly sure this is illegal in most if not all states in Australia.
    I would even think marketing it and recommending it to new users could be considered inappropriate and very likely breaking laws here.
    I'm sure our day isn't to far off when it is legal but it's not yet and. That makes this is a dangerous article.

      Australia has one of the highest pot smokers per capita in the world. Authorities know this.

      Discussion is not illegal.

      I guess thats why there isnt any large open Australian cannabis communities online.


    Can someone tag this article for inappropriate content please? While some U.S. states have legalized marijuana for medical pain relief the drug is still a banned controlled substance in Australia.

      And that makes discussion about the drug between adults "inappropriate"?

    Insert comments about tech site and oz content...

      Yeah but who really gives a fuck? Godamn content/locality Nazis need something better to do.

        Exactly. I'm in AU yet still found it an interesting read.

    More stoners = less violence in this world. Legalise it.

    FYI all. The tenuous link to tech was the reference to vaping - if the Author hadreferenced a standard pipe I'd agree. But vaping is consumer electronics :-p

    And seriously if you are so precious about only seeing Australian related stories stick to the fecking Whirlpool forums.

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