Get NetFlix On Xbox 360 and Xbox One at Launch

Get NetFlix On Xbox 360 and Xbox One at Launch

Netflix is finally coming to Australia on March 24. Microsoft has made sure your Xbox is ready to stream your favourite TV shows and movies from the get go and even has an exclusive free bundle with new purchases.

If you want to be prepared, you can download the Netflix app already and sign up to the mailing list to keep informed of new releases. Once Netflix is actually available, you will be ready to rock and roll –- further updates necessary.

If you don’t have an Xbox already, then new purchases will come with free 3 month prepaid subscription to Netflix. If you like gaming achievement stats, then there is a new feature just for you. You will now be able to collect Media Achievements and the associated bragging rights just from watching TV.

Netflix will also be supported by the Xbox One’s Snap feature, which lets you watch TV or movies while doing another activity. Hopefully as you get killed over and over while distracted by ‘House of Cards’ there will be a worst multi-tasker media achievement.

For those worried about their broadband data limits, both iiNet and Optus have confirmed that NetFlix will be un-metered. Chances are other ISPs will also follow suit if you aren’t on a plan with these companies.

Netflix will also be available on other consoles at launch. Not a console fan? A mini-pc is another option for the living room, but can they really compete?

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