Facebook Is Using Famous Instagrammers To Show Off Its New Office

Facebook Is Using Famous Instagrammers To Show Off Its New Office

Facebook’s fancy new digs designed by Frank “Architecture Is Shit” Gehry opened today, delivering the latest architectural smackdown in the ongoing space race between various Silicon Valley corporate campuses.

While there haven’t been any official photos released, as Co.Design discovered, Facebook let some Instagrammers with large follower counts roam the building (code name “MPK20”: Menlo Park, building 20), snapping shots of whatever struck their fancy. Here’s what we can tell from their photos of the new headquarters. And themselves.

“It’s one large room designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry with a nine-acre park on top”

Picture: pythonista_

All the featured photographers had some version of this phrase. There aren’t any photos truly showing the “one long room” yet, but here’s the roof. The garden is designed by CMG Landscape Architects.

Here’s the view from one side

Picture: alissa_isms

Not bad.

And here’s the view from the other side

Picture: pythonista_

Not bad at all.

There’s art by local artists

Picture: jeffreydgerson

15 Bay Area artists were selected to create original works for the campus, like these tree stumps arranged on the roof garden which make up Evan Shivley’s Camp Out. (Instagrammers not included.)

There are cool staircases

Picture: andrewblotky

Jagged, irregular, perplexing: A classic Gehry move.

The exterior is shiny

Picture: emmafineman

The hyper-reflective siding is similar to many of Gehry’s other projects like Disney Hall. Hopefully it doesn’t melt any trashcans.

There is an orange hallway

Picture: d.leong

This must be the betacarotene level.

There’s an undulating mosaic wall

Picture: alissa_isms

One of those commissioned artworks, by Barry McGee.

There’s lots of dripping paint

Picture: coryiander

Actually it’s the beautiful work of Maya Hayuk.

And they didn’t even use dropcloths on the floor

Picture: ezachung

Makes for a great backdrop for shooting foot selfies.

This wall will match your rainbow poncho (thank goodness)

Picture: karendoolittle

This colourful mural is by Jen Stark.

There’s a rope teepee

Picture: janelleburdette

For conducting social media smudging ceremonies.

And the bathrooms have custom icons

Picture: thebawdofeuphony

Fitting, for a company that has a thumbs-up icon out front.

There are more images going up all the time as employees get to work; check # mpk20 for more peeks inside.

Picture: thesamgraves