Did Apple Leak A Woolworths Watch App In Its Press Conference?

We're all waiting to see what we'll be able to do with our Apple Watch gadgets when they get to Australia. How many Aussie apps will there be? Who will make them? Well, from a little snippet of a home screen during Apple's Spring Forward event this morning, an enterprising friend of Gizmodo spotted a Woolworths app.

The Woolies logo appeared proudly for just a moment during the Apple Watch demo, which means you might be able to do all sorts of things with one of Australia's largest supermarkets shortly.

Woolies and Apple have come a long way, considering the pair were in court a few years ago arguing who could use that logo in Australia. True story.

Thanks to Dan Ilic from AJ+ for sending this over. Check out his hilarious Apple Car ad for a good morning laugh at all the Cupertino hysteria.



    whos' gonna use a watch to buy groceries....?!?

    oh well, i'm sure years later someone's gonna prove me wrong just like how some ppl said smart phones are stupid...

    $10 says it just keeps track of your dominos or animal sound cards or whatever BS they think up next.

    Payments through their branded credit card with everyday rewards tied into it...?

    Having your shopping list on your watch would be kinda cool. Have the items come up one at a time sorted by aisle, swipe them away as you get them, that'd be good.

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