Blackberry Is Bringing Back The Slider Phone Because Sure Why Not

Blackberry Is Bringing Back the Slider Phone Because Sure Why Not

When square phones don't quite work and suing Ryan Seacrest is taking too long, what's a BlackBerry to do? Combine the weirdest new hardware trend and a classic old one together in one super (silly?) smartphone. Blackberry just teased the new "dual-curved, all-touch display with a keyboard — yes a slider device!" at this years Mobile World Congress.

Blackberry calls it "the Slider." Details on the device are scant for now; handset chief Ron Louks only held it up on stage for a quick peek. (Louks, by the way, is the same Blackberry executive that has said the company's goal was to release "at least one unconventional device" a year.) It's unclear when the Slider will see primetime, but rest assured that if you want to buy a slider phone you'll soon be able to choose between competing models from Blackberry and Mozilla. Here's hoping a Sidekick 2015 is in development too. [BlackBerry]

Picture: Blackberry

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