Artist Transforms 1979 Ford Falcon Into A Book-Armoured Tank

One certainly doesn't hit the garage to do some work on their vehicular pride and joy with the intention of converting it from a sleek, roadworthy machine into a tank. Not a functional tank, mind you, but a "weapon of mass instruction". Well, that's what artist Raul Lemesoff did, taking a 1979 Ford Falcon and attaching all manner of hardcover and paperback to its externals... in addition to a swivelling turret.

According to Colossal's Christopher Jobson, the tank was commissioned by 7UP (well, PepsiCo) for World Book Day, however, that's not until late April. It's more likely associated with WBD's "Teenfest" event, which was held between 4-5 March, given the video's focus on students and kids.

The clip doesn't go into much detail on the construction of the vehicle itself, other than the fact that it can cart around 900 odd books as armour, delivering shells packed with literature everywhere it goes.

It's a feel-good piece at heart, with Lemesoff driving around the streets of Buenos Aires, dispensing educational justice to its many citizens. To be honest, the idea of a travelling library isn't a bad one, though the proliferation of ereaders and tablets sadly makes it less appealing to the younger folk.


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