Apple Watch: Australian Pricing And Release Date

Apple Watch: Australian Pricing And Release Date

Apple had us all up early this morning to show us how much we’d be shelling out for the new Apple Watch, and when we could get our mitts on it in Australia. Here’s everything you need to know.

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The Apple Watch comes in three flavours: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition.

The Sport is the entry-level product, while Edition is the stupidly-expensive luxury model that all the #RichKidsOfInstagram will be rocking.

Apple Watch Sport

Just because it’s the entry-level model, don’t expect to be paying $100 for this thing. No.

The Apple Watch Sport with its aluminium body and rubber strap will cost you $499 for the 38mm version and $579 for the 42mm version.

It comes in 10 different models.

That millimetre measurement specifies the size of the case, rather than the wristband, by the way.

Apple Watch

This is the mid-tier/normal watch, and will cost a lot more depending on the watch band you choose. It comes in 20 different models.

For starters, the watch will cost you $799 for the 38mm version, and $879 for the 42mm version.

It ships with the rubber sport band, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea for a $800-$900 product. Depending on the watch band you choose — be it the classic leather, Milanese loop, textured leather loop or steel link — you could expect to pay between $799 right up to $1629.

Apple Watch Edition

Break out your Givenchy money clip and get ready to fork over some megabucks: this is the expensive one. It isn’t $20,000 like everyone predicted, but it’s close.

The Apple Watch Edition with its 18-karat rose or yellow gold alloys will start at $14,000. Only a few stores around the world will carry the Edition, meaning that it’s probably only going to be Australian flagship stores that get a look in at the shiniest of the new gadgets.

It comes in eight models.

Who knows if you’ll have to flash your American Express Black Card to even get a look at the thing.

Release Date

Don’t break out the deck chairs and camping equipment just yet: you’ll be waiting a while for these.

The Apple Watch pre-orders open on April 10. That’s when you’ll be able to head down to the Apple Store to take a look at the new Watch line as well.

The release date in Australia (we’re a launch market for this new product) is April 24. That’s the day the Apple Watch will ship to pre-order customers too so you won’t miss out.

What do you think of the Apple Watch? Will you be buying one? Why? Why not? Tell us in the comments!

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