Apple Has Released A Patch For FREAK

Apple Has Released a Patch for FREAK

Announcing shiny new hardware wasn't the only thing Apple did yesterday. Amongst the hubbub of product releases, the folks at Cupertino also released a patch to keep you safe from the decades-old security flaw FREAK.

The new patches for both OS X and iOS should clear up any issues brought about by the vulnerability. If you need a refresher, the flaw is found in a poor implementation of the encrypted links between browsers and websites. A team of security researchers were able to launch attacks from supposedly secure websites, forcing them to use weaker encryption that usual that could be cracked within hours.

The iOS update requires users install the new version of the operating system, 8.2. The OS X update is a patch for OS X Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite; you'll get an update notification asking you to install it. If you use Apple TV, you can also avoid the bug by installing Apple TV 7.1. Phew. [Apple (OS X) and (Apple (iOS) via Apple Insider via Engadget]

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