A Red Hot Nickel Ball Proves Gak Is Basically Invincible

Remember Gak? The impossibly amazing substance invented my Nickelodeon’s mad scientists in the 1990s is still on the market, and it’s still incredible. And, as this new video of a red hot nickel ball waging war against the toy seems to illustrate, it looks like Gak is actually invincible.

But what is Gak? What kinds of Earthly ingredients can stand up to such destructive temperatures? It’s hard to really know. A cursory search reveals several recipes for homemade Gak that basically amount to a shit ton of Elmer’s Glue and a dash of Borax, but we’ll never know what sorts of things are in such exciting Gak-branded products as Gak-in-the-Dark, Solar Gak, Smell My Gak or Magnetic Gak. Galactic Gak, meanwhile, looks like it probably include uranium.

But seriously, here’s to you, Gak. Who the hell knows how safe it is for kids to play with you. You could probably stop a bullet, though.