A Heating Element Lets This Blender Make Sauces From Start To Finish

A Heating Element Lets This Blender Make Sauces From Start to Finish

There are already high-speed blenders on the market that spin with such speed and power that they actually produce enough heat to cook soups and sauces right inside a single appliance. But this blender is the first with an actual 800W non-stick heating element built right in.

That means that not only can homemade soups and sauces be made using just a single appliance, but ingredients can be prepped before you actually start blending with the the 3 Squares' new Soup3rb Heat + Blend's 450W motor. Butter can be melted, vegetables can be sautéed, and ingredients like milk can be brought to temperature ahead of time.

The stainless steel pitcher does make it a little harder to see your ingredients as they're being pulverised, but a clear plastic lid allows you to peek inside to keep an eye on consistency. When available the Soup3rb will sell for $US150, which is actually surprisingly cheap given everything it's capable of, and the fact that it means there will be less pots and pans to wash at the end of meal prep.

[3 Squares via Cnet]

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