A Fun Flowchart To Help You Choose Which Apple Watch To Buy

A Fun Flowchart to Help You Choose Which Apple Watch to Buy

There's a bewildering array of options to choose from if you're thinking of buying an Apple Watch. Perhaps what you need is this useful flow chart to help guide your decision-making.

It starts off simply enough, sure: do you need one? Can you afford one? But then things get a little more difficult. Big or small? Standard, Sport, Edition? Steel or Aluminium? And... oh my God what the hell why are there so many straps? Check out the full version of the flow chart by Joy of Tech below. [Joy of Tech]

A Fun Flowchart to Help You Choose Which Apple Watch to Buy


    I have a better one:


      did you not pay attention to the flow graph? that's the wrong answer.

      now... can you afford an iwatch?

        did you not pay attention to the flow graph? thats the wrong answer.
        it doesnt matter if you can afford it or not, as long as you have a credit card.

      I have a better one:
      Wearing dumb watch until my pebble time arrives

      (ex-android wear user - I didn't like the affect of recent updates on my G Watch)

      Smart watches do have a place, so long as the experience is right and it helps you at times when it's inconvenient or anti-social to reach for and unlock your phone.

      Last edited 11/03/15 10:31 am

        Charging my watch every night doesn't sound very convenient to me.

          I bet you have to charge your phone every night.

            Yeah, and that's shit too.

              You clearly don't have a grasp on the tech in smart devices vs current battery limitations. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Buy an old Nokia if it's awful having to charge your phone every night.

          Pebble 5-7 days for the original and the new Pebble time is meant to get 7-10 days.

          they work with IOS and Android and cost ALOT less

    None of them. Over-priced, ugly as sin, catering to people use Apple products as a status symbol (and why?). It's amazing how many morons fork out hundreds or thousands of dollars for truly mediocre products.

      Agreed, it's all about the status symbol. "I can afford an Apple Watch, therefore I must be winning at life. Look at me win at life everybody! It's right here on my wrist."

        I have never met a person who would ever actually think that. Do you truly believe what you just said or are you just jumping on the anti apple bandwagon? do you honestly know people that measure their life's success by the Apple Watch they want to buy? If you do your statement is more highlighting the shallowness of such people rather than the quality of the product. Implying it's all about the status symbol is a ridiculous assumption.

          They're called teenagers.

            Says the guy who has made two comments on this article, neither of them even slightly intelligent or constructive.

          I absolutely believe what I just said. People do use Apple products as a status symbol, not all of them do, but a great deal of them do. Have you been living under a rock? It's a pretty widely discussed topic.

      You're an idiot. I thought the whole status symbol statement was done with years ago. Get over it, that's not why most people buy apple products. If you can't appreciate the design quality nor the user friendly software that's fine, but don't call people morons just because you can't grasp their intentions. What a truly mediocre comment you made.

        Oh, you can grasp other people's intentions can you? You imply that I can't do so, and then claim to be able to do so in the same paragraph. Win. You also tell me not to call people morons for having an opinion on something, yet you call me an idiot for having an opinion on something in the same paragraph. Nice work. Another winning statement. Credibility = zero.

        No, the whole status symbol thing wasn't done with years ago and it never will be. People use all kinds of things as status symbols; cars, houses, clothes, and yes, even Apple products. That's never going to change. Quit being a butthurt fanboy for just a minute and use your (apparently very limited) brain.

        You're clearly just a fanboy who got his feelings hurt because I criticised the over-priced piece of garbage you love so much.

    Apple Watch - to tell idiots.
    Apple Watch range - to tell the level of idiocy.

      as an Apple fan, I sadly have to agree with you....

    I prefer the diamond option... so I wait... happily

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