A Bunch Of Celebs Are Turning Their Twitter Profiles Blue To Shill For Jay Z's Music Streaming Service

If you follow your favourite artists on Twitter, you may notice something a little different in your stream this week. All of them have turned their profile pictures and banner images blue.

Coldplay, Kanye, Nicki Minaj, Madonna and Usher have all turned their profiles blue to shill for the new streaming service on Twitter:

So what the hell is Tidal?

Tidal was a tiny Norwegian streaming service that basically no-one had heard of, until Jay-Z bought it (and parent company Aspiro) in January. The service is meant to offer a premium streaming experience, with 25 million high-definition tracks offered in lossless format, for a fairly steep $US20 a month.

Maybe he got them free subscriptions or something?

Chris Mills contributed to this report.

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