Yep, Fetch TV Is Getting Netflix

The first Aussie pay TV service to embrace the healthy spirit of competition and add Netflix to its IPTV repertoire, upon that US streaming giant's imminent local launch, has been announced — and it's fan favourite Fetch TV. (Let's be honest with ourselves, though — Foxtel wasn't going to jump on board too quick.)

Fetch TV is an IPTV streaming service, delivered over the 'net by partners Optus, iiNet, Internode, Dodo and the like. As well as the 38 streaming live digital TV channels, Fetch has on-demand movie rentals and catch-up video content, but its archival library can't compete with the massive back catalogue that Netflix can offer.

That's why it's good to see today's announcement that Netflix and Fetch have signed an agreement to that effect, letting Fetch TV subscribers both sign up to and watch Netflix straight from their Fetch device. The Fetch set-top box has a 1TB hard drive and connects to the 'net, but also has a triple digital TV tuner and can record live TV as well as cache catch-up online video. With 170,000 customers already on the books, Fetch is clearly onto a good thing, and the Netflix deal should further that.

No firm date has been set for the Netflix app to be switched on for Fetch, which isn't surprising given that Netflix itself has been keeping a tight lid on any kind of launch date at all. Interestingly enough, the Fetch-Netflix deal includes New Zealand, which points to both services launching across the ditch pretty soon as well.

Any subscriber with the newer, second generation Fetch TV box — that's anyone within the last couple of years — will be able to access Netflix through a bespoke downloadable app, as soon as the service launches Down Under. It's an interesting move, given that Fetch TV and Netflix are both streaming video competitors, but it's a smart move from Fetch to both keep existing customers happy and broaden its potential subscriber base. [Fetch TV]

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    as a fetch customer very happy to hear this, also very hopeful netflix wont count to download limit with internode

      Agreed. I have never been happy with Fetch's content offering since transitioning from Foxtel.

      i just recently got a pretty good deal with optus. Unlimited Cable broadband, fastest speed pack, unlimited landline and fetch tv for $81 per month with no installation or setup charges

        Good deal. How did you wrangle that?

        How did you get that? I've been looking at Optus too

        I just signed up for the very same deal, but mine is $90... I might be calling them back for that one!

          Hi @Justgeorge you will find the $10 difference may be part of a bundling discount :)

          Last edited 17/02/15 12:23 pm

        im not sure guys. i saw it advertised for $90 and was going to jump on it but i was offered $81 so couldnt say no. i was talking to the person on live chat. good luck. @justgeorge @bashplate @bgh

        Last edited 17/02/15 2:49 pm

          Oh! maybe its because i have 3 mobile services with optus.

            Yes that is why @Naynay you get a bundled discount because you would have a mobile over $30.00 :)

    This is awesome news! I hope it's true with the rumoured Feb 27th date.

    Wow! Now all I need on my Fetch box is sports and boom! Never leaving home.

    If this means Netflix will be unmetered like other Fetch.TV services then I will never leave my house.

    Was thinking about getting FetchTV. Reckon this just made the decision for me.

    Well I have Foxtel but this is huge news. Competiton thats what we need. If fetch tv ever get some sport ( i guess they already have ESPN) but further sports then I really will start to consider a move to Fetch. It could be goodbye Foxtel.

    Don't buy a Fetch TV! My husband and I bought one in April 2016. It won't play Stan. Technical support does not know what is wrong, or if it will ever be fixed.

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