With BattleBots Return, What Robots Would You Want To Watch Duke It Out?

It’s the classic fan question: Who would win in a fight? Whether Batman versus Superman (Batman only if he had kryptonite gauntlets) or The Hulk versus Hulk Hogan (Gamma rays trumps a horseshoe mustache), fictional fights are favourite pastime of mine.

Hopefully, you’ve already heard the amazingly excellent news that BattleBots will be returning to US television — a show that’s all about real-word robotic showdowns. The last two days, I’ve started thinking about what robot title fights, real or fiction, would provide the absolute best deathmatches. Entertainment has done wonders for horror character match ups, like Freddy vs. Jason, and extraterrestrials a la AVP: Alien vs. Predator, but not so much for all those wonderful robots out there.

So if you could imagine one perfect robot (and cyborg) deathmatch, what would it be and who would be the ultimate victor and why? Let some amazing fan fiction fly loose in the comments.