What’s Your Favourite Olde Timey Slang?

What’s Your Favourite Olde Timey Slang?

I love old slang. And today I came across my new favourite phrase from the beforetimes. It dates back to the late 19th century, yet anybody from the early 21st century can easily figure out what it means: Got the morbs.

Not only does it sound like it’d be right at home in our truncation-obsessed lexicon, (totes adorbs, amirite?) it’s just so damn versatile.

“I can’t go to soccer practice, Dad. I got the morbs.”

“I can’t get out of bed today, I totes got the morbs.”

“Everything is meaningless and my only consolation is that we’ll all be dead soon. Also, I got the morbs.”

So what’s your favourite olde timey saying? If you need inspiration, why not check out Mental Floss’s list of old Victorian sayings? Or just make one up. No one will know the difference anyway. BRB Got The Morbs.