What's Your Earliest Memory Of The Internet? 

What's Your Earliest Memory of the Internet?

Mine is specific: Laying in my bunkbed at night and hearing the crackling fuzz of the dial-up as my parents connected our brand-new internet in their office across the hall.

At least, that's what I think I remember — memory is nebulous, and it's entirely possible that we'd had internet long before. Either way, it's a very vivid memory of a very specific noise, which seems odd, as far as early childhood memories go. And it makes me curious: Do other people have specific memories of their first run-ins with the internet? Do you remember the first time you used it, or even heard of it?

Your answer will vary wildly depending on when you were born, of course, but that's half the fun. Share below.

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    Telnet, SLiRP, MuSH and Trumpet Winsock for me.

    Altavista being viewed in its glory in a PCUG meeting when the internet was only "just" becoming available on a 300bps modem. Would always get Altavista and Astalavista mixed up.... I was pretty young.

    Twas just a kid when my dad showed me. Long cable to the phone. Funny sounds. Netscape. A text website with centered formatting.. Was not impressed, rather go back to playing commander keen.

    Dialing up for the first time, and finding the Jurassic Park 2: The lost world website. Circa 96? 97? It's still up.

      Redirecting to a spiffy looking Jurassic World site now.

    My first experience was at work with Mum when she was working for NSW police. They were doing a massive data transfer and I was with her when she initiated the modem and inserted the actual pulse phone handset into the modem cradle. A computer using the phone - Blew my mind.

    Trying to convince my parents that I needed a modem for my Commodore 64...funny enough I did not get one.

    As for the actual internet, I remember finally getting the internet with my "massive" 250MB monthly limit and maxing it out by that afternoon. Good times.

    I moved from dialup BBS systems to Compuserve. I really, really miss Compuserve, it was like the internet without the trolls and the BS.

    It was 1996 and my dad came home and said "we have the internet", and I was like "WTF is the internet?" ...and then I became a Compuserve chat addict.

    I remember a free dial-up service (Global Freeway?) that we would spend 20 minutes trying to connect to. It would then connect at about 8kb/s if you were lucky for 5 minutes before disconnecting. You would then go through it all again. That was to download Doom mods.

    My dad searching articles for me Re: Spider Monkeys for a school project. Year 1 or 2? Fairly underwhelming. But then he loaded up Duke Nukem 3D (not on the internet, granted). Much more whelming. Man that was a cool game.

    I can't remember exactly. I was working for an Apple reseller in tech support at the time. One thing that does come to mind though is porn. The head of the service department was completely porn obsessed and had discovered that porn was freely available on the internet. That was well before anyone had realised people would pay money to view porn online. I distinctly remember walking into the workshop one day to find several computers set up downloading porn. When each machine had filled up it's 20Mb hard drive, they would burn it to CD. They had a huge cardboard box full of CD's. Pretty sure management knew about this and didn't care.

    1994, Thames, New Zealand. Living at my cousins house and using dial-up to connect to the local Thames message board that had about 10 other members. There was a quiz competition that we were all ranked in and it was a constant battle for the top spot.

    Budget graphics, weird sounds, the excitement of magically chatting with others all around our smallish town on the Coromandel Penninsula as no one had cellphones back then. Well, no one in high school.

    Dialing up the library bulletin board to get some free games and jump on the chat service. Then a dial up service

    1996, school library, grade 5, Netscape, Geocities. That's my first memory of the Internet.

    This was back in the day when the internet was referenced as the "information super highway". It was so new to me I didn't know that the "Internet" and the "world wide web" is one and the same thing. lol

    Downloading Simpson's sounds and replacing the windows sounds. Having the computer say "smithers you are quiet good at turning me on" on start up was a hoot in 1995ish!
    Spending 3k of my hard saved money was not

    That glorious dial-up sound, exchanging hand shakes to find a level on which to communicate.
    All the flashing text because image-rich websites didn't really exist.
    Not caring that a page took two minutes to load, because it was glorious (now I'm annoyed if Facebook doesn't instantly appear when I click on the icon)

    April 23 1995, St Kilda, Melbourne. A friend and I wandered in to an internet cafe to check it out. The reason the date is so specific is that we ended up chatting with someone who (supposedly) lived in OK City, four days after the bombing.

    my earliest memories were using askjeeves as the ultimate search engine, downloading pictures of dragon ball z characters and r33 skylines and visiting Home Star Runner every week to view the latest Strong Bad Email.

    I remember Dad walking us through the procedure when I was a kid; opening a command line, running a script to dial the modem, the connection starting, being issued a 'challenge' code, which was entered in to a handheld calculator type device, and punching the 'response' code from the calculator in to the command line to authenticate. There were only very rudimentary websites of mostly text, a couple of GIFs and a handful of hyperlinks. A few years later, Apple eWorld... blech!

    There was no internet in Australia, but in 1992 MIT dialup allowed login with user: guest pass: guest. Using a soundblaster v1.0 and bluebeep to blast 2600hz tone down the line after calling 0014 international toll free numbers, then dialing the MIT student access number, logging in at 1200 baud and BOOM!

    When my brother was in high school (so, around 1996 or so) we all attended an information evening at the school. My brother, one or two of his friends and myself went into one of the meeting rooms where they had the internet connected. We looked up info on the (at the time) unreleased Nintendo 64 and the radical hand-shaped-ish controller. Blew my mind.

    Not long after, I did a course at the local TAFE where we were introduced to the internet. I looked up Triple J's "Beat the Drum" page. Someone had painted the drum on their butt and I got told off for looking at that stuff by the teacher.

    I also remember using the internet at home (unsupervised) for the first time. I was connected for ages, downloading new cars for Grand Theft Auto 1. Found this sweet UFO that drove so fast you couldn't really control it. Find the longest road on the map and drive straight, killing everyone in your path.

    Good times.

    It was some time in the mid to late 90s. I'd say about 1995.

    We bought our second PC. a Pentium with 32MB RAM and it came with a Maestro Jetstream 33.6 External Modem. - Our first ISP (EISA, or Edge Internet Services Australia for those playing at home) charged my Dad like $400 in our first month because somehow we weren't on an Unlimited use plan when we were told we were supposed to be. So that was fun.

    It's when I had my first slice of the Internet... ICQ... That boat horn sound will NEVER leave my memory. Nor will the 'UH OH' sound effect whenever you got a message.

    Glorious 14.4k modem noise hooked up to an Olivetti 486 running a speed of light 166mhz processor, mammoth 8mb ram and 400mb HD.

    Oh and alt.porn

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