What Being Strapped To A Rocket Launch Looks Like (Hint: Awesome)

What being strapped to a rocket launch looks like (hint: awesome)

This is just awesome. A camera was strapped onto a GoFast 2014 rocket — an amateur rocket that set the record for highest and fastest rocket ever launched into space — so that we can see the entire launch from the rockets point of view. The initial burst and thrust into the air is epic and then the world starts spinning and then we see space.

So cool. Here's Ky Michaelson talking about the project:

Analysis of the data from the recovered military grade Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) that flew onboard shows that the GoFast rocket reached 385,800 feet above mean sea level (73.1 miles) and hit a top speed of 3,580 miles per hour. The old record held by the CSXT's GoFast 2004 rocket was 72 miles with a top speed of 3,420 mph.

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