Watch This Man Scale A Rock Wall With DARPA's Bionic Arm 

The DARPA-funded DEKA Arm System is an amazingly life-like prosthetic arm controlled directly by electric signals from the muscles. It's the first such prosthetic available to the general public. And it can help you climb a rock wall like a badass.

By plugging into the body's electric signals, the DEKA arm allows for close to natural movement. That can mean delicate manoeuvres like picking up eggs. It can also mean, as illustrated in this new DARPA video, feats of strength like this Army volunteer amputee scaling a rock wall. Watch out, non-cyborgs. [DARPA]


    "Is this how you rockclimb Barry?"
    "Yes it is, Other Barry. Yes it is"

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      Logged in just to show appreciation for that comment.

    *smokes a pack of cigarettes, downs a bottle of whisky, voice sufficiently prepare*

    'I never asked for this'

    This arm is freaking amazing. However, interestingly the guy was showing OKish form as a climber, and wasn't pulling with his arms, but rather pushing with his legs. Not exactly a feat of strength, as in this instance, the arms are more used to keep you upright, not to do heaving lifting.

      The point is how far it has come, not how far it has to go!

      Ya, I think as well more the point is the dexterity of being able to grip onto the hand holds, they aren't designed to give super human strength, but to give back amputees like this man their natural abilities.

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