Watch This Australian-Italian Nonna Adorably Try To Use Siri

Video: This Nonna trying to use Siri is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.

This 78-year-old Calabrese Nonna Paola received an iPhone as a gift. She was then taught how to use it while her son filmed her. As you can imagine, hilarity ensued.

The majority of the video consists of her trying to ask Siri the time in Italy but unfortunately the voice recognition software can’t quite pick up her accent. Highlights include her calling Siri a “bloody shit,” her being confused and calling Siri “Sira”, and of course the random Tupperware container of parmesan cheese in the corner.

Trust me, this is unbelievably good.




    That's not Australian-Italian, that's just Australian. If I tried calling my Opa Australian-Dutch he'd throw me through a window. Multiculturalism at its best.

    any chance you could credit the YouTube channel who put this up. Maybe with a link so we can see their other work.

      Click on the YouTube label in the bottom right corner, then look near the Subscribe button to see the name of the channel. Click on that name and then the Video tab to open all their other videos:

    "Fungool" - ha ha ha, Nonnas reaction 4:20

    A basket of kittens is cute; this is just annoying.

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