Vodafone Is Partnering With Stan To Bundle Video Streaming With Your Smartphone

Your Vodafone smartphone plan can already be bundled with music streaming from Spotify, but there's another media soon to be available on your telco bill. Although they won't say what the actual deal entails, Voda is partnering with video streaming service Stan.

Another partnership along the lines of Vodafone's deal with Spotify, the Stan deal will not mean that customers will have unlimited and quota-free access to the service. Vodafone Australia CEO Inaki Berroeta says the partnership will be similar to Spotify's; this likely means it will be bundled value with the company's higher-cost Red plans -- "it is something that we are considering for most of our customers, for the whole base. It will be a similar type of deal."

Mike Sneesby from Stan says the agreement is a natural one -- "From the start, we saw a very clear strategy from Vodafone. We kicked off discussions before we even launched; it was very obvious for us." Stan has enjoyed a sharp boost in subscriber numbers since it launched, with heavy advertising giving it a head start over potential rivals like Netflix, although all users are still within their 30-day free trial period.

Stan is a video streaming service, and as such it can chew through a large amount of bandwidth in a short time; on the face of it it's not a great idea on a mobile data network or on a smartphone. Vodafone's Steve Smyth isn't worried about Stan affecting users' data usage adversely, though, saying "the baseline amount of data is sufficient for the average user... our data work-out will let customers work out how much they need."

There is no actual detail about the partnership, though; Vodafone says it "will announce full details of the Stan offer in the coming weeks." So there's that.

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    unless it's unmetered, it's useless :P

      Also, I can't even stream music without buffering.

      I disagree. I only ever use Stan at home, chromecasted onto my TV. Getting it bundled into my plan sounds great.

      in reality who is going to use this on their mobile data. not many, and the ones that are wont be after the first couple of days. it would be nice to use at home on a wifi connection.

    it would also need to work with your phone in the first place...i was one of the people who got to try Stan out before public release and even after public release, it doesnt work on a full 4G connection. According to Stan support, it "has bugs" on Android kitkat...thanks for that

    even at home on a 100/40 NBN connection at full speed (or near to it), it has the same issues on devices and PC...

    Last edited 23/02/15 3:55 pm

    I had no issues with Stan, flawless ... although I have tried NETFLIX on paid VPN and I have got Presto tried with smaller database, and quickflix just SD content .. no match for STAN comon Aussie !! tech rocks

    ok guys don't complain because it's free, don't need to use it if u don't need it and of course it's for user to have fun with home wifi and screen mirroring. Can u imagine people like me going to Queensland holiday with free wifi, I could just watch all my films before bed and kids can too. It's free and given as a bonus that's awsome, thank you Vodafone.

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