Uber Australia Is Delivering Kittens For You To Love And Hold Today In Six Different Cities

Get ready for an app-based explosion of adorable today: Uber is bringing #UBERKITTENS to Australia! You get a kitten delivered to your office or home to play with. One that you can love and hold and pat and play with and OH GOD I WANT ONE.


Uber in Australia has partnered with local animal shelters to bring cats and kittens for you to play with for a period of 15 minutes or so. You swipe onto the Kittens option in your Uber app from midday AEST and drivers will bring you a dose of cute. Donations will be made to said animal shelters, and if the initiative mirrors the US operation you'll be able to adopt the cats you get to play with if you can't bear to be away from them again.

Uber in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, the Gold Coast and Geelong will be doing the kitten drive today.




    " by an Uber driver that you can love and hold and pat and play with "

      Would that get you a 5 star rating?

        Har har

    I'd just like to point out that the shelter in Melbourne that the donations go to is owned by The Lost Dogs home, a shelter that is currently under investigation related to high kill rates and bad practices.
    As much as I would love to donate to charity while cuddling kitties, I can't in good conscience give money to an organisation that is causing so much grief to poor unsuspecting animals.


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