Tweak The Hidden Settings In Instagram's Hyperlapse To Get Better Video

Tweak the Hidden Settings in Instagram's Hyperlapse to Get Better Video

You may be a regular Hyperlapse user or have forgotten all about Instagram's slick video capturing tool since it launched last August. What you probably don't know is that the app features a hidden menu that gives you access to some extra settings, enabling you to take more control over the quality and speed of the footage saved to your phone or tablet.

A quick primer, in case you're new to these parts: Hyperlapse uses some clever stabilisation technology to make your videos super smooth. It also features an easy to use timelapse slider so you can quickly make clips that look like they were shot by the professionals.

Here's the trick — when you're in ready-to-record mode (with the record button on screen), tap four times on the screen with four fingers. A new menu appears that lets you choose between 1080p and 720p video, 30fps and 24fps, and normal (1x to 12x) or expanded (1x to 40x) speeds. You've now got even more options to experiment with.

Via Austin Mann

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