This Video Game Sums Up Life In The Most Heartbreaking Way Possible

This video game sums up life in the most heartbreaking way possible

PipocaVFX's We Go Forward starts off as most cheery side scrolling video games do: run, jump, smash bad guys and keep going forward. But then the game transforms into a metaphor for life: we can't make the jump but we can't go backwards so we settle, we teach our kids to be better and then they leave us.

Life can be a pretty depressing video game sometimes.


    Jebus my feels

      It's okay, buddy. I got your feels right he-- oh god, I dropped them everywhere. Feels all over the place. My feels have fallen in amongst your feels. I don't know if I can go on.

    This is why man invented bourbon whiskey, buffalo wings and pornography - because when have those 3 things together, ANYTHING can be 'worked through' ;-)

    I had already seen the comic but this is a beautiful rendition. The last scene could have gone a bit longer to be more poignant.

    Also the title of the article is wrong. That's not a videogame, it's a video of a story that uses a videogame as a metaphor.

    That was a nice video but all I could think was "You built a house instead of a bridge?"

      And more importantly - if he can't go back - then where the heck did he source all his materials to build that damn house!?!?!

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