This Socket Makes Plugging Devices In Way Easier

This Socket Makes Plugging Devices In Way Easier

I am willing to bet that at some point in the last few months, you slightly struggled to plug something in. Not a particularly difficult scrap: just enough to cost you a few seconds, turn on a light or actually put your iPad down. Well, someone is now here to solve your most first-world of problems.

Easy Put is a design for a socket that makes plugging things in stupidly easy. The holes for the plug prongs are surrounded by a slight inwards slope, which means that if you misalign your plug to begin with, it should always naturally fall into place first time.

Maybe it's just my caffeine-induced shaking hands, but I could see this saving me hassle on a daily basis -- and not just for power sockets. Anything that has a male and female connection (that can go either way) -- headphone jacks, or those awesome new dual-sided USBs, for example) would benefit from the Easy Put treatment. Shame there's no immediate plans for production. Where's a good Kickstarter when you need one? [Yanko Design]


    How sad a world do we live in when a human has a hard time putting a round object in a round hole. That's it. I want off this merry go round.

      Strictly speaking, if they can't put a round peg in a round hole, we shouldn't have to worry about their genes passing on...

        absolutely spot on comment! You sir WIN!

    Someone has to say it....... not useful on an Australian power point. Why is this on the Australian site?

      Is it really that offensive?

        You'd at least expect enough effort put in to point out somewhere that it's not for our plugs.

    There are times its useful, like when you cant actually see the power point, it can take me a good 10 seconds to line it up when i cant see what im doing (on a good day).

      Sounds like you need to be in a home then mate. If you are not self supportive, get some help!

        so i take it you can reach behind a wall unit and plug a wall wart with our moronically designed plugs into the socket that is 3 feet away without looking first try in 1 second ?

    This will only work with a 2 pin plug with a very specific shape, otherwise you cannot fully mate the surfaces of the socket and the plug and it will stick out. You could do the same for a 3 pin plug if you also have a very specific shaped plug. Don't you think you would get a more useful design with only a small area, about 5mm around each hole dimpled, instead of a flat surface.. It would be easier to find the holes no matter the pin arrangement/shape.

    It doesn't look like it helps when you can't see the power point to line up the plug correctly.

    I don't care what it looks like i just want a consistent standard throughout the world. USB wall plugs can't come soon enough.

      Agree, there should be a universal plug.
      USB wall plugs already exist. But if you are taking about 5V power across your house, that would be incredibly inefficient.

    I moisten the terminal first to lubricate it, and align it using the tip of a finger. I know when it's aligned correctly when I feel a tingly sensation.

    I was just thinking to myself yesterday that something like this would be perfect to USB and HDMI sockets for when you are trying to plug in a cable that you can't see or access easily.

      I've mastered the USB but the HDMI still gets me.

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