This Might Be Our Best Look Yet At The Samsung Galaxy Edge

This Might Be Our Best Look Yet at the Samsung Galaxy Edge

Samsung's new flagship phone is due very very soon at this year's Mobile World Congress, and we're increasingly seeing leaked images of what it might look like. Now, another leak image shows what could the new S6 sat alongside its rather more radical, curved screen Edge stablemate.

Pictures posted on the xda-developers forum show what purports to be the new Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. If the image is accurate, it corroborates rumours reported earlier this month by Bloomberg which suggested that Samsung would release a flagship phone with a screen that covers three of its sides. Indeed, this pictures appears to show a display that curves on both sides of the device, though it'd difficult to tell for sure from the angle.

What the picture does show is that the screen appears to curve a little less than on the Galaxy Note Edge, where it acts as a kind of second screen for notifications and menu options. How useful a slimmer screen draped over the side would be, we're not sure. The standard S6, meanwhile, looks similar to other leaks — and refreshingly different with it.

One thing we can be sure of is that it won't be too long before we find out once and for all what Samsung has planned for its new flagships. Brace yourselves for the Mobile World Congress. [xda-developers forum via sammobile via Verge]



    I will never buy a samsung ever again. Too many ads & apps on the phone I don't use. I brought samsung note 3 from tesltra first thing I did is download speed tests app & it ate my 1gb data in 1 go doing the speed test I ring up telstra they said its a verus but I got the same app on my iPhone & don't have any problems. Never again buying samsung I'm sticking with apple

      I brought samsung note 3 from tesltra first thing I did is download speed tests app & it ate my 1gb data in 1 go
      While you might be telling the truth, that still doesnt sound right. You must have had another app running in the background syncing or downloading/uploading data (eg were your pictures being uploaded to Google Drive or another cloud storage service?). Not sure if there's an app or a setting within the phone itself to show you which apps are chewing the most data.

        I download the app straight away when telstra set up the phone for me. I brought the phone for one reason is for big screen. Anyway I sold it & use my old iPhone till the big iphone came

      You probably had background downloads setting up - samsung account, samsung kies update, etc etc - Any time you set up a phone you really should do it in a wifi zone - Or turn data off and manually turn updates off etc...

      I think the issue is not with the phone but with the user - If you are used to Apple dont go near Samsung - You just wont get it! You have to think about what you're doing with most Android devices thats part of the fun of them - Apple do the thinking for you - perfect for consumer with verus like you ;)

      It definitely wouldn't have been the speedtest app. It uses approx 30MBs to do a speed test. It would have been downloading of other apps and updates out of the box.

      What a moronic response from Telstra if you are telling the truth... a virus.... whatever

        I did went through setting on note 3, it did tell my how much data it use it did say I use just under a gig on speed test I wish I can took a screen shot to show to people but I sold the phone & move on

    I do like the look of the galaxy edge. Less bezeel the better! I'm not sure what function the curve will serve it looks to small to do anything meankngful. Hopefully its not wasting screen real estate. I wonder how much it will cost as well. At least they are doing something different. Phone design has been stagnet for years.. I want that bezel free phone! That HTC one mockup released a few weeks ago was beautiful, yesterdays leak was the same old..

      ive got the current note edge. i almost wasnt going to, but i got one for $800 on ebay. i actually use the edge screen all the time. i launch my base apps from there, like sms, calls, camera, play store, etc etc. it also has the cool little slide down app menu for torch, timer, ruler and voice recorder, all of which i use fairly regularly too.
      just make sure you get a good case for it if you get one.
      i ended up buying my wife the standard note 4, both are great, i love the S Pen too. if these are features you think you'll like, i recommend it.

      oh, and also, not that its a biggy, but one of the video apps puts all your control buttons on the edge screen and not the viewing screen, so you dont have all these floaty icons on top of whatever you are trying to watch.

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