This Godzilla's Atomic Breath Disappears Like He's A Sword Swallower

This Godzilla's Atomic Breath Disappears Like He's a Sword Swallower

Once all the annoying attempts at a plot were out of the way, Hollywood's latest stab at making a decent Godzilla film wasn't completely awful — especially if all you care about is giant monsters destroying a city while they duke it out. And it's not entirely clear why this Godzilla figure is arriving so late, but its clever atomic roar feature is a fun little trick.

The 25cm tall $US35 figure has authentic sound effects taken right from last year's blockbuster movie, but the best feature is Godzilla's trademark atomic breath that automatically emerges from its un-hinged jaw as the toy is tipped forward. And when you stand him back up, the atomic blast automatically retracts, like a busker swallowing a sword, until Mothra or Rodan gets Godzilla all riled back up again. [Bandai]

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