This Freezing Pan Makes Ice Cream From Scratch In Just Seconds

This freezing pan makes ice cream from scratch in just seconds

Some people claim that ice cream tastes best just made, so Alton Brown went down to try it at Three f(x) Ice Cream & Waffles in Jacksonville, Florida, where they make ice cream to order. They have a machine that stays at -30°F (-34.4°C) and cools the mixture in seconds.

As reader Tsalonich points out, this machine looks like a newer version of the PolyScience's Anti-Griddle. Check out their promotional video to see how it works:

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    Can i just say...
    The only thing more annoying than an animated gif banner is... a giant animating looping gif image that sits above a piece of editorial. Please Gizmodo, stop using these giant gif's and let us just watch the video when we're ready. It's a common theme on this site and i always find myself scrolling the gif images off screen when they appear . thanks :)

      Quite the opposite with me. I can't watch videos at work so the gifs are very useful.

        when Facebook first launched, they did a number of ground-breaking things, one of them was to be a gif free zone. It's innovation like that that put them at the top.

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