The File-Naming Convention Your Really Use

The File-Naming Convention Your Really Use

Briefly: No matter how hard you try, now matter how much you want to develop a logical naming system for your documents, there is only one that you really ever use. And that's final. No, I mean, really final. Final final. [Doghouse Diaries]


    Haha yep, I used to do this, then I started prefixing the date before each new file, in the form yymmdd, and suffixing the change or addition (eg. 150212_Project 1_Additional Thing)

      I just use to either delete the oldest file or only ever have one in highschool. Now it is always using a date-tagging system and project numbering like yourself.

        I just have a folder with files and a folder called Archive. I name things so that they can be easily found and today the search function in Windows is good enough to search the contents of most documents.

        Essentially this leaves me always with the current copy of my file and older copies are available in the Archive if required.

      Close but I try to make the filenames sortaable...
      This worked in our drawing lab for many years before I moved elsewhere...

      the project filename_150211_A - first cut
      the project filename_150211_B - later on the same day
      the project filename_150213_A - first revision updated two days later

      The names sort nicely, and are easy to follow the ageing and history.
      Also easy to parse/search programmatically - looking for underscore characters from RHS.
      I also often have an 'old versions' folder in the same directory - whee I drag older unwanted versions. Very easy to sweep those legacy references out the door when the project is complete.

    you forgot the subfolders enclosing previous drafts banished from view

      Yep this is a must for me.
      using 3Ds Max I can end up with hundreds or files which makes it a massive hassle.

      And I find it helps when other people are using the same files and there is less for them to look through.

    Is it really 'The File-Naming Convention Your Really Use' or should it be '... You...'??

    I just use a version on the end of title ie
    GizDraft v1.
    Also just have an open window and sort by date for the folder.

    For pictures, I store my files as 'YYYYMMDD Description'. It sorts chronologically automatically.

    Depends what I'm doing, but usually 3-4 step name in logical order for named sorting.

    Step 1 - Project group (Name of Business or customer name)
    Step 2 - Project piece (Logo \ Avatar image \ banner)
    Step 3 - Version - E.G., Logo v1 might be a rounded design and V2 might be a straight edged design
    Step 4 - Revision # (of that version) - Smaller changes

    Soi you might end up with some like this;
    Business Name_Logo_v01 Rev01.PSD
    Business Name_Advirtising Banner Vertical_v01 Rev01
    Business Name_Logo_A-001.PSD (A - version, 01 = revision) - this one is a bit neater I think, but not as descriptive if others need to use the files.

    For stuff where the date is important I'll add it like so;

      Pro tip when working with others, and even for future self;
      A naming structure is critical!
      It doesn't have to be quite as complex as what I wrote before... but at least have something that is documented and everyone follows and understands!

      I've gone back to work on projects where there was no file naming structure and omg... what a nightmare; hours and hours of headaches and wasted time going through files.

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