Sydney’s Weirdest New Building Was Inspired By Skin Folds And Paper Bags

Sydney’s Weirdest New Building Was Inspired By Skin Folds And Paper Bags

Gehry took inspiration from the design of tree houses for the new business school building, and believes that the finished work has “many branches of thought, some robust and some ephemeral and delicate”. The building was also inspired by skin folks and ruffled clothing, with the finished product looking like a modern paper bag.

Images: Andrew Worssam

The east-facing side of the building is covered in sandstone-coloured bricks as an homage to Sydney’s sandstone history, while large panels of glass adorn the West-side of the building to greet the sprawling, glass-laden Sydney skyline.

The building, designed by Canadian-born architect, Frank Gehry, is designed to educate “future captains of industry” according to the University of Technology Sydney.

“It is a building designed to encourage the sharing of ideas among students and staff alongside our industry and community partners,” said Professor Attila Brungs of UTS.

It’s named after the Australian-Chinese businessman and philanthropist, Dr Chau Chak Wing, and is one of the first buildings set to be unveiled at UTS this year. It’s a $1.2 billion project that will see a new graduate health and science building opening next month.

It will start to see students on 23 February, when the new semester kicks off.

No matter where you look, the building appears to be rippling, as if alive in the wind. Check out more below.