Stan Is Fast-Tracking Community's Next Season, Airs 18 March

Community, the comedy series formerly housed at US broadcaster NBC, just doesn't want to die. It was first cancelled after the fifth season, only to be thrown a lifeline by Yahoo in the form of a 13-episode season six. With the new shows arriving in late March, it's almost as if Community was never axed, especially seeing as you'll be able to watch them on Stan around the same time they air overseas.

From 18 March, you'll be able to catch episodes one and two on Stan, writes TV Tonight's David Knox. After that, new episodes will arrive weekly on Wednesdays, so you won't be too far behind the US.

If Community proves popular in its new online home, it might make it to a seventh outing and even a movie, though we'll have to wait and see if the quality is up to par with the show's first few seasons. There's only so many times you can find a reason to keep the gang together before the shark is well and truly jumped.

Returning: Community (on Stan) [TV Tonight]

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    Well this might be enough to convince me to keep my Stan subscription...

    Also Stan needs to improve their supported devices list. Not one of my Android devices is compatible. One is just shy of the versions supported. The others are supported android versions, one is even 5, but nope. Not supported.

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