Soon, You’ll Be Able To Build Your Own Moto 360 Smartwatch

Soon, You’ll Be Able To Build Your Own Moto 360 Smartwatch

People want their smartwatches to be fashion statements. And some have gone to extreme measures — including one enterprising, sandpaper-equipped individual — to make them uniquely their own. Now, Motorola is making it way easier to build your own Moto 360 smartwatch — no sandpaper required.

Moto Maker, the online customisation tool previously reserved only for the Moto X smartphone, will now include the Moto 360 starting this March. Since launching the 360 last fall, Motorola’s been slowly adding different watch bands and colour finishes, giving you the choice of six preset options.

But in Motorola’s new Moto Maker, you’ll be able to get the exact combination of features you like. You can pick from the standard silver and black editions as well as the new “champagne gold” colour, which played a game of hardware hide-and-seek for a couple months. You’ll also have the choice of two band sizes in either leather or metal, and you can even choose which watchface it will have out of the box.

You’ll even get to pick this new single-link metal band if you want:

Speaking with Wired, Motorola says bringing the Moto 360 to Moto Maker has always been part of the plan, but the company ended up rushing to make the 360 one of the first Android Wear watches available. These customisation options may only be the beginning — brand and design collaborations may be coming later.

In a broader sense, companies making these watches are quickly realising there’s no one-design-fits-all solution. LG will be iterating on the G Watch R with the coming Watch Urbane and Watch Urbane LTE, and the upcoming Apple Watch will ship with a bunch of options, including that bonkers 18k gold variant. Things you wear on your wrist are entirely different beasts then smartphones you keep hidden away in pockets and purses. The future of smartwatch buying is a choose-your-own adventure. [Wired]