Some People See This Dress As White And Gold While Others See Black And Blue

Some people see this dress as white & gold while others see black & blue

This image is circulating around the internet right now, and it shows a picture of a dress that is so very clearly white and gold to me. But's black and blue to so many other people. It's black and blue to Google Image Search. Photoshop's eyedropper tool says it's black and blue. But I only see white and gold.

What colours do you see? It seems like the whole world is in on a practical joke that I don't see. [Tumblr]

Some people see this dress as white & gold while others see black & blue


    white and gold to me

      White and gold here too


        It is now Blue and Black after seeing alternate versions of the image.

        The image I have is the same version of the image here, downloaded and isolated within a VM to remove any Internet tom-foolery

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        Black and blue for me.

        Turns out the physical dress itself that was photographed is black and blue. The white background causes some people (most, apparently) to see white and gold.

      It WAS white and gold when I first clicked on it and only saw the top half. If I look at the picture as a whole or only the bottom half it is a purplish blue and black. What the hell is going on?!

        I think the image randomly changes colors. The first time I saw the pic, the dress was blue and black. Now, it's white and gold. I guess some troll is getting a huge laugh about all of this commotion.

          I saw someone post this earlier on FB. Was absolutely blue and black then. Now I see this article and it's absoloutely white and black. Went back to FB post and it looks like it's white and gold. Gotta agree it seems more likely that the pic is changing than there is some sneaky-brain explanation for such a massive colour shift.

          My roommate and I looked at the picture at the same time and I saw it blue and she saw it white. Now, I don't know why that would happen, but I have 20/20 vision and she's as blind as a bat. I don't know if it has to do with macular degeneration.

          No easy way to find out is to print screen it

          Its all just how your brain is perceiving the image. Check out this and its links. The final paragraph sums it all up.

        i see nothing but white and gold and don't see how anyone can see black and blue

          Opposite for me

          I thought the exact same thing. There was no way it cold be blue/black I stared for 5 min straight never change, scrolled down to read comments and when I scrolled back up it had changed!!!!!!!!!!

            same Here! saw white and gold read comments looked again and saw black and blue. I think it has to do with the color contrasts. When you look at the white background when reading the comments then look at the dress you brain takes time to adjust. It took a few seconds for it to go back to white and gold.

          Me too! I wonder what's the meaning of this super rare answer

        I think perhaps it might be because blue is the longest wave length and your brain is lazy and likes to take shortcuts. at first it'll think it's gold but after looking for a while it'll figure out it's blue and that's all you'll see.

        It could also be a factor of different people using different monitors may see the blue earlier because it's represented by the monitor better.

          Blue is more towards violet which has higher frequency and a shorter wave length*

            right, sorry. I had it switched around. the brain is still lazy and blue is the hardest colour for your eyes to see.

      I see black and blue

        If anybody is seeing white and gold, check this link and scroll to the bottom, then look again at the image:

          EDIT: After looking at the bottom image, scroll up slowly.

          This was supposed to be an edit -.-

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            The bottom pick was blue and black, but I can only see white and gold in the top pick.

            LOOOL wtf? xD

          Jesus. You just totally messed with my brain. Was sure I saw Gold and white, then it instantly changed to Blue and Black.

          I thought this was bullshit and some kind of Internet Social Experiment... until I went to that page, scrolled down and then scrolled back up.

          I even had to screenshot both and then reassemble to assure myself that I wasn't going crazy.

          If I focus on the top half, it looks white/gold. if I focus on the hemline, it's blue/black.

          Stop messing with me, brain.

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          Two different dresses! Same pattern, same type of materials, different colors.

            It's not a matter of comparing the dresses (although the author of the twitter account says they are the same anyway), it's that after looking at the bottom image, some people including myself can then see the top images as blue and black instead of gold and white.

        You lie!

      i think you are mistaken?

      What dress, I don't see no dress, you're playing a game on me. It's a blank picture...

    Article seems to be missing... something... anything...

    I'm seeing a blue and black dress. I don't understand what's going on.

      It's black and blue. Everyone else is insane.

        People like me that see white and gold are saying the same to the people who say it's black and blue.

      ok so I see black and blue too and what is goin on

    To me it absolutely looks like a white dress with horizontal gold fabric strips.

    Disclaimer: I know I am colour blind but I've never had trouble distinguishing gold from black. White from very pale blue has caught me out on occasion.

      It's not a light blue at all. It's so dark I can't figure out how people are seeing it white.

        First time I visited the page it was white and gold, now it's black and blue....gathering evidence of ruse.

          it's not a ruse!!! i showed the sane exact picture to my friends and opinions were still divided.

            OHHH MAII GAWWWDD. It's white and gold again... I screen capped and checked my evidence... the evidence of the "black and blue dress" is now WHITE AND GOLD.... is this real life?

            Okay so my theory is... That its the lighting in the room? That's my guess..

          Seems like a ruse to me too buddy

            Ok if this is the case and we all see varied colour, there must be a scientific explanation.....?

          I too thought it was a cruel internet joke designed to turn me insane. It was OBVIOUSLY white/gold to me.
          Then I showed the image to my fiance. No context or explanation, no mention of specific colours at all, simply "what colour is this dress".

          His answer: "Black and blue, why?" (with a very confused expression).

            this morning when I first saw this on gizmodo I saw it as white and gold. Then I saw it again on a diff site this arvo and then I saw it as a lightish blue with black lace. The black lace is semi reflective and it's throwing off some goldish white reflections on some sections, and I think that is what is tricking people brains (myself included). I'm not sure why I suddenly saw it as black and blue now. I've have seen similar illusions previously where your brain plays tricks.

      I see gold and white only......never black or blue!

        Gold & white.. Same here.. I don't see back & blue at all, never have. My roommate & step dad see blue and black & the other three of us see white & gold.. & were all loooking at the same picture at the same time.

    I literally viewed this image and a video earlier with the dress and saw it as white and gold, then went back about 15 minutes later and it was literally black and blue and I've honestly never been more freaked out.

      The same thing happened to me I'm so confused

      TRY THIS!Put a negative picture of original onto original an scale it up and down. If ot doesnt switch colors try putting original onto negative.(easiest to do on your mobile apps)​

        What no I DJ not get what you say

    I can't understand what everyone is on about; it;s clearly a green dress with purple stripes.

      And I thought I was going insane!

      I see purple and green too!!! It's a sort of bluish purple I guess, but I can't see the black, or the white and gold. Am trying to figure out why??

    Just checked, photoshop's eyedropper does not show black and blue, it shows Gold and white (which is slightly blue because it is in shadow)

      I don't know what version of Photoshop you're using but CC is putting all the "white" right around #8084bb.

        Plus you gotta take into consideration the exposure of the image if you look at the back ground the image is over exposed. i say its black and blue i dont know where people got gold and white from

      You want to reconsider your lies?

        White, when in shadow, will appear grey.

        131, 147, 180 is grey.

      This is what I get in PS, if those squares are white and gold to you then your brain/eye is doing something very different to mine.

      I also eyedropped it in Photoshop, and it's still in the light/blue/black/dark-gray spectrum. The top part of the dress just looks a little yellow/gold because of the yellow light shining upon it. However, if you look further down it's dark gray/black.

    I see both colors whenever I scroll away from it and look back. Also, when I just focus on blue and black that is what I see and when I focus on white and gold that is what I see. I think that the photo of the dress is so faded out that it appears to be both colors.

    Looks blue with a muddy colour which is closer to gold than black, so I say blue and gold.

    "Photoshop’s eyedropper tool says it’s black and blue." Nope. Photoshop says it's gold and light blue.

    white and gold omg what is this phenomenon

    At first I saw it as gold and white then I scrolled down and read the comments. When I scrolled back up it look blue and black

    Well I just put it into Photoshop, and while the lighter coloured parts of the dress are blue, you can tell its white being affected by shadow and the light temperature (in this case, bright daylight) which tends to tint lighter colours towards the blue spectrum. The same is happening with the gold - its muting the colour and tinting it towards a dark brown - though I fail to see any black except in heavily shadowed areas when using the eyedropper tool.

    So... balls?

      Guys, blow up the picture, take a look at the bottom half (hem only), its "Blue and Black", now scroll up and take a look at the top half (collar only), is it "Gold and White" now? If that's not whats happening to you, take a rest and try again, there some kind of lighting and gradient difference between the top and bottom half. I wouldnt say its optical illusion but more of colour perception. Blue <-> White, Black <-> Gold.

        Exactly this. I saw this on another site and thought it was blue/purple and black. Just came here and I swear it was gold and white but only the top half. If I only look at the bottom half its blue/black. WHAT IS THIS SORCERY!?


    It's white and gold to me..

    Silver and black.

    Tungsten light reflecting off the black gives the gold appearance.
    Shitty white balance from phone compensating for the tungsten gives the blue appearance.

    I see blue and black.More violet and a faded brown-black.

    Weird dress— making the case for custom white balance since 2015.

    Okay, first gold and white, but if you put camera on your phone as if your going to take a picture and point it at the screen it turns blue and black and then you can't unsee it. It is VERY weird

    Blue and Black

    It's to do with either the viewing angle of your screen or the dynamic range of your screen. If you view from and odd angle on a crappy screen, it's black and blue. otherwise if the screen suppors it, i's gold and light blue (or white because it's in the shadowy area).

      My entire class saw it in the same screen from the same angle an we are split 50/50

      I don't know about that. So far I have viewed this image on my laptop (Dell Precision m700 with FHD UltraSharp wide view, anti-glare, LED-backlit display), a shitty old LCD and my Samsung Galaxy S3. On each one it looks white and gold.
      It's a crappy photo of a dress. It's time to move on.

      No it doesn't. It appear as both, with me sitting in the same position, under the same lighting.

      And I'm using an Eizo ColorEdge.

      It's clearly an issue with color perception, not 'dynamic range' in a flat image.

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    It's black and blue. My mom says it's white and gold. Where she sees white, I see blue

    When I first saw this freaking dress, it was black and blue. My brother said the same thing, but my dad said White and gold. I just looked at it again, and it is now FREAKING WHITE AND GOLD!!!! My dad now says that it is black and blue!!!! :((

    I've seen it as black and blue and gold and white so I am throughouly confused.

    I must be only person that sees purple and gold

      Me too.. We are the few. #divergent

      I kind of see that too,but, for me it is light bluish purple and goldish brown like copper

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