Samsung TVs Pushing Ads Into Foxtel App Streams By Accident

As if yesterday wasn't bad enough for Samsung Australia's TV business, now it has a new problem to contend with. Aussie Samsung Smart TV users are reporting that their sets are forcing Pepsi ads into their Foxtel, Plex and other media streams whether they like it or not.

The issue sees a Pepsi ad force its way into user feeds no matter the input source. Reddit users on the r/Plex community have been complaining about the issue for days, with Australian complaints finally trickling down after Pepsi ads were forced into Foxtel's Go app on Samsung Smart TVs.

Naturally, users have taken to Facebook to complain:

Samsung Australia has told us this morning that the Pepsi advertising was never intended for Australia, adding that it came through in a software update by mistake. It has since been blocked by Samsung from appearing on Aussie Smart TVs and won't appear again. Samsung Australia has apologised to those who experienced the issue and told us that forcing advertising into streams isn't included in its terms of service, and adds that it doesn't intend to start doing it in Australia.

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