Samsung TVs Pushing Ads Into Foxtel App Streams By Accident

As if yesterday wasn't bad enough for Samsung Australia's TV business, now it has a new problem to contend with. Aussie Samsung Smart TV users are reporting that their sets are forcing Pepsi ads into their Foxtel, Plex and other media streams whether they like it or not.

The issue sees a Pepsi ad force its way into user feeds no matter the input source. Reddit users on the r/Plex community have been complaining about the issue for days, with Australian complaints finally trickling down after Pepsi ads were forced into Foxtel's Go app on Samsung Smart TVs.

Naturally, users have taken to Facebook to complain:

Samsung Australia has told us this morning that the Pepsi advertising was never intended for Australia, adding that it came through in a software update by mistake. It has since been blocked by Samsung from appearing on Aussie Smart TVs and won't appear again. Samsung Australia has apologised to those who experienced the issue and told us that forcing advertising into streams isn't included in its terms of service, and adds that it doesn't intend to start doing it in Australia.

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    So in what countries did they mean to do that then? From reddit I gather the Pepsi ad was in English so it's not China, Japan, or Korea. Which leaves Europe, North America?

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    This advertising wasn't intended for Australia? It shouldn't be anywhere! Who would accept ads on a product they spent thousands on?

    *looks at foxtel*

    Never mind.

    Wont be too long before it is in their T&C's. Only a matter of time.

      I feel like this would piss the the providers off no end. Take Foxtel for instance. You get people to pay top $ to watch GoT with no ad's as same day release. And then Samsung sticks fucking ads in it every four minutes.

      Plex would be pissed for the same reason, they are trying to sell you ad free streaming and then Samsung put's ad's in it anyway and all of a sudden pirating is again not only free, but ad free as well.

    Wow... The fact that cutting Ads into video streams IS a thing in other markets and CAN be done here in Australia... Well, it's really just a better reason to swear off the smart TV's and get a dumb panel and plug my own smarts into it right?

      I've been an avid smart to hater. But try find a decent stand alone screen.

    Something wierd the other day - my wife wanted to show me a Masterchef US episode that was available via her Chinese streaming services. She said when she watches it in China there is no commercials, but when we were using it a few days ago (in Australia, obviously) they pumped in a few Australia branded commercials at the start of the program and a few times during the program

    So yeah, it is a thing and depending on what service you are using it IS done in Australia

    The fact that they even have this capability is kind of awful. I'd been looking at getting a new TV soonish and it looks like Samsung are off my list completely.

    Note to self: Never buy a smart TV. Continue with "Dumb" TVs and and just plug in a small PC

      Currently what I do. LG plasma and gigabyte brix.

    I guess custom firmwares for TVs will be a thing soon.

    If your TV is hooked up to your network. Block your TV's IP address from external access in your router.

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    @lukehopewell this has started happening again today BTW

      Weird. I'll follow up! Have you recently updated your software?

        I was watching stuff through Plex last night no issue. This morning I turn on the tv to find Foxtel, Plex and SBS On Demand are all copping the same Pepsi ad. Haven't updated.

        Yep. Just started again for me as well. No recent update, as I turned off auto update (and disagreed with all possible T&Cs) after the first time this happened. It occurs when streaming from my PC, or even playing a video from a hard drive plugged directly in to the TV.

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